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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Indeed. I might learn it I think.


Todays Training

Axle cleans
60kg 3×4

Strict press topset 55kg×1

3×10 barbell curls


@duketheslaya @BEAst_in_I it’s a lot of work to learn and get good at just for a few events I think. Maybeguys with weightlifting backgrounds could do well with it but for everyone else perhaps the time/effort going into it would be better spent elsewhere.

Edit I just looked up the axle world record at like 216ish. If that Lasha guy would train a bit he’d probably break that because he just put 260 over his head


Fucking Russians… Insane. I wish they would so I could see a 230kg+ Axle


Georgian but close enough. I think the clean with the axle would be the harder or limiting bit vs the jerk. If he can get it to a good rack position would have the strength to jerk it


Yeah continental axle cleans at that kinda weight is insanely hard. Aint nobody axle power cleaning that weight though. Never know I guess


Do strongmen full clean axles often ?

A bit different from power clean I think because a full clean let’s you get more weight up to a standing front rack position than power clean.

I quickly watched some axle continental cleaning and it’s that first explosive movement onto the belly which is just like an inefficient clean. It’s just it seems that very few strongmen drop under it and go for a full clean.

Even for how hard it is to effectively clean the axle and strongmen not being as efficient at weightlifters at it some guys can get it pretty high with that first pull like up to their bellies and they are tall af.

It’s a bit hard to see because he moves so fast to drop under it but Lasha cleans it about that high and is able to get under it.

I’m thinking it’s hard but possible.


Yay think I tweaked my back in the lower trap/Left mid back


Honestly if all strongman started as Olympic weightlifting backgrounds the overhead records would be higher I think


Todays training last session before comp with yoke and stones

5m accelerations @strongmanbrett these are awesome!

Couple Sets of 160-200kg

Yoke Holds
265kg comp weight for 15 secs. Heavy as fuck lol… really fatigued though and looking forward to deloading before comp and getting a Deep tissue /assisted stretching session done.

Atlas stones to 1.3 metres
100kg 4×1
100kg carry ×15 metres


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Beautiful acceleration Duke!


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Thanks! I really liked the accelerations. I think breaking it down into 5m and building up to higher distance with Good technique will really.help in the future. Master the start and middle of runs and finish etc. E.g 5-7-10-12-15 metres after some time under accelerations


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