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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Hmm yeah but its kinda lol. Id buy it though. Tbh id rather a sexy car than a sexy house.


Navy ay! That is a pretty big step, but one that will pay off if it suits you. My only advice to you is to have respect and self control around your superiors. They will get rid of you super quick if you are a lippy little shit. Also make friends nice and early on, don’t try to be heroic loner.

Good luck with it though Duke, the fact that you get paid to stay fit in huge gyms is something I know you will appreciate.


Yeah that’s not me, my self control only lacks when people disrespect me

This is the plan!

Indeed man. It’s gonna take a while to get in because apparently after the first aptitude testing the assessment after you have to wait months


I know a guy who supplies all the Oz coal mines with heavy equipment. It’s a good thing you want to live in the middle of nowhere, because that’s where they are. The companies literally have to build towns and fly everything in (including escorts haha). They pay really good wages because they have to. Nobody really wants to live away from family 6mo at a time. Really high turnover.

But they are big into automation and safety so they don’t maim people. Basically the exact opposite of the Chinese.


Haha. You really must possess a remarkable amount of strength to be in the military, huh. What really stands out as hilarious to me is that the standards are lowered for females; simply as a way to increase diversity across gender lines within the military.


Yeah it’s kind of pathetic. Anyone can do 15 pushups and run a 6.1 shuttle with no effort to train lol


Todays training
Axle clean and press
Reps at 60kg easy
Fail @80kg comp opening weight

Machine shoulder press burn out 100 total reps
Band pull apart lots

Bring on comp lol!!


6 easy…Yeah… hahaha…ha (nervous laughter)


What was the date of your competition again? I want to be here in time to read the results


27th of April man

on that note

I messed up. I thought my comp was in two weeks so this week was my heavier week and next week deload, It’s in 3 weeks so that means will continue training into next week and Go for some heavier rep prs. I’m fatigued as shit and need to deload but if I deload next week then the week afrer that will be the week of competition


Haven’t read all the way down, but this x 5000

ADFA is a world class degree, military training and a guaranteed job rolled into one. Fuck Canberra tho


Might move to Australia, brb


Ur gonna have to wait for Aussie citizenship for that. And work on your accent mate


He needs to say cunt at least 200% more


That word is reviled here, ya cunt. sighs in Aussie


Yeah nah fuck off asshat


Very unaussie smh


I curse like a sailor, can down beer by the rack and have attempted to wrestle wild animals on multiple occasions… How long will it take me to get my Aussie Citizenship??


You already have one but between AusPost and USPS I doubt you’ll be seeing the documentation within your lifetime