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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



It’s good to have goals to work towards and hope for the future.

Tbh you can do that in Australia lol rn. Plenty of rural/remote towns big enough for everything you need and you just live 20 mins away and thats far enough in those places for there to be fuck all people. Depending on your skill set work might be easier to find than in main cities.

I’d love colder climates myself but I’d like to end up in rural Victoria myself. I’ve spent the last few years all over central/northern Vic and love it in all kinds of ways


Yeah WA is not my cup of tea lol. Where have you been in Vic?


All over now but I’ve been around mostly in the last two years. Don’t think I can point at a specific place for ya but I’m about 100% sure there’s something like you’d want somewhere in Victoria (not saying that there’s not in WA)

Am from Melbourne. From there have hit up lots of central and northern Victoria e.g. Bendigo, Shepparton and all the way to the border with NSW. Been hot as fuck up there this year.

Have been up decently far north west say all about the great alpine road. Like it sounds it might be a bit cooler around there, lots of nature and only little bit of peoples.

Haven’t been super far out west for camping but looking at the map you can see it’s lot of green/national forest so again less peoples. Not too cool though and it’s bushfire country out there.

Been South / SouthWest a bit towards the Mornington Peninsula. It’s remote-ish but not too cool.

Haven’t been too far out in the east so that’ll probably be my next trip.


There is some places that would be amazing If it was cold year round. When it’s cold its green like in the paddocks and shit but summer its all dry and way too hot. Somewhere where it rains alot too


I have a mate in shepparton. He keeps telling me to move there lol. Camping is great!!


Can I live here please :heart_eyes: In Canada



Shep is full of druggos. Hot and dry as fuck. But I wouldn’t mind living in the Greater Shepparton region. My gf is from there too

Go Canada if you want your free speech to get fucked in the bum by Trudeau and SJW laws forcing speech


Sounds like you should move to Germany and set up a strong man gym with @Koestrizer


Tell me a place where it isnt full of druggos lmao

Germany looks amazing


Come to the Dakotas (I’m in South Dak.) and Minnesota, or Alaska. Can definitely be easily remote in these states and there’s tons of nature. If hunting, fishing, and camping are things you’d enjoy, you’ll find no end of resources and like minded people. It’s pretty cheap too, at least in my opinion.


Have you ever experienced -20 degrees Fahrenheit? There are places in Canada where that’s a heat wave in the wintertime. I understand not liking baking in Oz. But don’t go too cold when you move lol.

If you really want uninhabited, try Alaska or Wyoming in the US. Very few people per square mile and the towns just “end”.


I wouldn’t mind. Atleast with being cold I can wear ten jumpers, With the heat Even if you strip everything off its useless and you’re still hot


Yeah, I definitely get the ‘sick of being hot all the time and want to enjoy some cool weather’ vibe, but until you’ve experienced the ‘it’s so frigging cold that it’s impossible to get warm and I want to crawl inside the fire’ cold, you don’t really understand what that feels like. I think the Pacific Northwest would be the perfect place for him, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Proximity to the Pacific Ocean moderates the temperatures so it’s always cool but almost never bitterly cold, at least until you get further inland.


I’ve decided I’m joining the navy and doing an apprenticeship. My cousins were in the navy and one is a superintendent at BHP on the mines and after my apprenticeship he can get me a job straight away and i can earn Big dollars being a Diesel fitter.


I’ll never try to convince someone not to give the military a go, I did it for 11 years and got a lot out of it. Don’t go into it with your eyes closed, though. There will be a large amount of bullshit that you will be required to tolerate, and will in fact get in serious trouble for not tolerating without pushing back. Your bullshit meter pegs in the red pretty quickly right now, and you have very little tolerance for people in authority doing shit you think is stupid. This is something you will have to bite your tongue and deal with on a daily basis in the military, especially in boot camp. Boot camp is specifically designed to push your emotional buttons and try to wash you out if you can’t tolerate the BS.


Believe me I do know when to shut my mouth haha. But yes my bullshit meter is very low.


Isn’t the Australian Navy just a bunch of jacked and tan dudes wind surfing?


I’ll let you know when I’m there lol


Don’t know about wind surfs but they’re all fkn jacked !!



Couldn’t have said it better myself, my generation is fucked.