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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Met him at the Arnold. Legend


Can’t wait to meet Him!


Awesome intensity! Never thought of planning puking into a programme. Might become a thing.


I wouldnt recommend it regularly haha, but if you want to test your limits sure.

Thanks man


Great stuff lately Young Duke.
the vomiting doesn’t sound very pleasant.


I don’t mind, It all equals gains!


Todays training Deep water workout 3 week 4
Power cleans 100 reps in as few sets as possible

1×10 50kg. Not bad. Technique is getting better. After a couple of sets ditched the belt and only shoes and was way better. Actually dont like Olympic lifters at all but mine are a crossfit version so dont have the full Raised heel a Proper ply shoe has. The 6×15 wasnt really that hard. I was sweating like a pig but not gasping for air etc, Weights alot lighter now that technique is better.

1 hrs 30 of jujitsu. Was grappling with a 110kg powerlifter and he had hooks in, Stood up with him and slammed him. (Not hard) and that was pretty cool. Human lift PR! Lol. Felt strong.


Hey @duketheslaya , saw some mentions of bullying up thread. Didn’t catch all the details just thought you’d appreciate some old man perspective.

The reasons would take a long time to explain but I was in way more fistfights in high school than I’m proud of. I didn’t have bullies so much as nemesises (nemisii?).

At 30yo with some distance I can see now that those guys had some very serious demons and they dealt with them by being jerks to anyone they could. Three of the worst ones turned out thusly:

One guy ended up flunking out of college 8 weeks in because of drunken benders. He was in all my AP classes in HS.

One guy died after falling asleep at the wheel at 22yo. Substances were involved.

One guy knocked up 3 different girls. Went to prison for robbery and drugs. When he got out he had written a book and was trying to fly straight at the halfway house… then he was shot after trying to rob a pizza man (stabbing pizza man in the process). He crawled two blocks and bled out on someone’s front stoop begging for help alone. That one hurts cause he was my bud before he became a dbag.

Not telling you to have sympathy for people trying to pick on you. Don’t take any shit from anyone. Just know that venomous negative people are mean because of their problems, not because there’s something wrong with you.


If it matters, nemeses is plural


Thanks man!


That dude pointing at his own head gif meme


Ordered my new Belt. 13mm Cerberus Infinity Lever. Gets here Tuesday


But pioneer though


It’s a shame. Since I’ve gotten my pioneer its been wayyy to loose and there’s no more holes (that sentence is bad lmaoo…) and I need my belt tighter for my strongman comp, and to get more benefit anyway/tightness.

Alot of strongmen have recommended me Cerberus anyway so I thought I’d give it a go and anyway the quality of them is amazing. Can’t wait to get mine. It’s good because when i get bigger I can use my Pioneer and il have 2 belts lol. Cerberus belts are sexy af though.


Todays training
Farmers 30m drop and turn (15m one way) comp practice.
Top set of 85kg per hand. Felt heavy and footwork sucked but took 20 seconds there and back so not bad. Haven’t done farmers in awhile.

Atlas stone to 1.3m comp height and +10kg comp weight

Axle rotates plus need to bring my feet in more and follow it through . Isnt that heavy. Expecting good things in this event. Failed 4 times and packed up

Then Helped Moved stuff in the gym for like an hour


Arm wrestling training
1hr 30 including a bunch of facepulls at the end and 3×10 axle curls. Arm wrestling dude told me I’ve made the most progress technique wise out of everyone there which was pretty cool. Won a few matches against a dude who beat me a couple of weeks ago, Dudes a rockclimber. Strong grip.


The arm wrestling sounds like fun. I arm wrestled some people a few years ago at work, did okay, but I was seriously sore for a couple days afterward. It’s definitely something you have to train specifically for.


I’ve always had an interest in arm wrestling. I guess I like to beat people lol. I literally started going so I can beat my cousins and dad etc. It’s really fun! It’s great right now because I enjoy armwrestling, Strongman and MMA! And I’m doing all 3 lol.

Indeed. Arm wrestling leaves me very sore.


Todays Training
Was angry as hell and had a shitday. Bed a dumbass in the gym

Front squats
140kg fail

Not strong enough but walkout wasnt hard and looks like I lost tightness as well

Bunch of beltless 100kg paused reps

Reverse hyper with plank 40kg on hypers×10 superset 1 minute plank 3 rounds no rest.


Back going good.

Apparently my delts, arms and legs refuse to grow. After my comp im going to get online programming from my mate and seriously focus on building some mass in those areas