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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Todays training. Not deep water squats

So i think I’ve potentially found the cause of whats pissed off my hip. I can’t SSB squat so i tried out front squats today, I had pain with Olympic lifters on but once I took them off and went barefoot it was manageable and alot better. Why is this? I can think back to before I had Olympic lifters and really since i got them my hip flexor got worse and worse. Yoke on saturday pissed it off too. Have to be very careful

Front squat

100kg (Old pr)

110kg pr ×2 easy double. I know i have 140kg in me right now which is amazing. Was just screwing around and taking it easy

5×10 70kg fucking brutal. No pain but a little pain on the final set towards the end.

Reverse hyper with plank
3 rounds no rest
30kg on hyper ×10
1 minute plank on 1st two sets and plank to failure on final plank.


Event change. No stone to shoulder instead its stone of steel 100kg for reps over 1.3 metres


Duke, I swear to Christ if you squander your money on stupid shit like phone games I’m going to fly down to Australia and beat you down myself with my skinny little runt arms and legs.

Seriously though, the easiest way to save money is to buy all of your own food. In bulk. Get used to eating the same thing every day. Ground beef, rice, eggs, sauce, and bread are cheap. Takeout is a complete waste of money. Also, instead of spending your time on phone games, read elitefts/T-Nation articles. Do schoolwork. Go out with friends. Phone games SUCK! I have none installed.


This is what i do! I’m just a pig man lol. I’m a sucker for Food like KFC Or italian… I’ve been a good boi lately though.

I literally feel stupid as hell. Spending 100+ on a game is spastic. It doesn’t add any value to my life except at the time satisfies my urges to level up/Enjoy the rewards or whatever addictive shit. Games are the devil! I can see why people get addicted to gambling



Fried chicken is easy to make. So are spaghetti and meatballs. Or calzones. Learn how to cook, dude. Or, get a girlfriend that will cook FOR you (hint: this is always the preferable option, because they will make your food better than you can).

Just learn from the mistake. Don’t beat yourself up over it.


Great videos there duke and a ton of reading to catch up on lol


Goals :heart_eyes:

Thanks man


Bed ridden and continuous vomiting as well as the worst headache. Think it’s a migraine but yeah no training today


Little bit late to the discussion, but I’d recommend Berlin. No particular reason, I just personally preferred it.

I also found German extremely easy to learn (more so than Spanish and French), and found that most Germans could speak English fairly well, and would, when they realized I wasn’t German.


Feel better dude.


Thanks man, Unbelievable how you manage to train all the time when you’re constantly sick. Massive massive respect brother and hope you’re feeling alright.


Well, I’m not sick in bed puking. Thanks for the compliment, I try but I’ve been slacking lately. Hoping you feel better soon dude.


Hey that happens.

Thanks man. Hoping im okay by tomorrow so i can do Todays training session. Really don’t want to stay sick or miss training during my prep.


You’ll recover. Slam the food (I’m sure you won’t have any problems doing that) and don’t pussy out on the harder stuff and you’ll be fine.


Yeah man. Didn’t get much in today because it all got chucked up but mass feeding before bed which should help.


Don’t do this. Wait till tomorrow. And push training back until the day after tomorrow. Make your sessions quality. You won’t regret it.


My schedules all jacked up now anyway, Saturday is my strongman events day so I’ll have to go light or miss it if im doing 100 reps of cleans the day before in 9 sets. I think cleans is okay on my lower back so I’ll do some stones perhaps and light axle clean technique


Yeah. You have to be intelligent with your programming. Cut down some work, do technique stuff, and blow your load on event day if that’s your goal.


This is just a piece of shit bullshit week, I can never sleep because of school and i need atleast 6-7+ hours sleep to perform well in school and the gym. Probably no training today either because i can’t sleep at all and its 3:21 am. On the holidays I had a good sleep majority of the time. Can’t wait till stupid school is over and i never have to go back, I’ve waited all my life for it to be over


Haha I can’t wait until you have a job and responsibilities and realize how difficult it gets then. All in good fun mate but how is school robbing you of your sleep? I don’t really get that.