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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



And yet you still find time to go to restaurants and get addicted to video games? Not trying to bust your balls, just pointing out the inconsistencies here. If you cut out the stuff that’s unimportant to you, there’s a lot of time left in the day. 24 hours is a long time.


Yes. But it also shows that to an extent your decision making is guided by your emotions rather than your intelligence.

Not doing something beneficial because you “don’t want to”, whether it’s a lift or saving money or dealing appropriately with bullying, will hamper your results in every aspect of life.


To be fair whilst it wasnt appropriate it did stop the bullying. So i couldn’t say it didn’t benefit me. I’m feeling much better now that I’m not getting bullied.

I think that’s true.

Sure doesn’t feel that way man. Time goes quick


Todays training

Axle continentals
First time doing them

Worked up to comp weight opener (80kg) PR lol. Was ugly as hell though.

Technique work with 60 nuggets

220kg PR bunch of sets for 15 metres. Yoke kept sliding off but i wasn’t leaving until I did a run where it didnt. Finally Got the run without dropping and it was pretty easy. Biggest focus is this really for prep.

Yoke warm up btw


great work and love the vids


Arm Wrestling
2hrs training


So week 3 of Deep water intermediate begins tomorrow, Whats the best way of splitting up the reps to get 9 sets done instead of 10 @oldbeancam @bigjez @T3hPwnisher


2 hours of arm wrestling? Ouch!

Looks like your on track to smash it at the upcoming comp with your recent lifts


Yeah the arms hurt for a few days after lol

Yes it’s going very well id say, a few things to sort but on track my man


Doing clean pulls


Do you think clean pulls will ever reach elite-level forum shitpost? @guineapig

It takes true culture to be considered among the sneakers and jawlines


How original


Wait what do I have to do with clean pulls?


Nothing, I just see you as resident meme lord of TN


It is an honour to hold this elected office


I mean, it’s no clavicular lengthening, but it’s pretty good…


Maybe ARX clean pulls


With sneakers


I was just going as hard as possible and seeing if I could do 5x20 at the end. My original plan was something like 4x15 4x12 or something along those lines, but really wanted to push myself and see. Just try and do sets with a little left in the tank each set and see how it goes.


Holy crap.