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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



I get that, but clean pulls aren’t that technical, they may never be pretty and they may always feel weird, but they serve a purpose. Start with just the bar, and you never have to go heavy. They will also help your power cleans, they’re part of the progression to learning how to clean.


Yeah I failed that epically… :rofl:

I cook every 3 days usually, make a big chicken curry or something.


Alright. Il start doing clean pulls


Yeah look man, it’s all about weighing up your priorities. I understand that for you strongman is very important, so it makes sense that you make that kind of sacrifice (you may not even see it as a sacrifice). One thing you can always do if you’re worried about study load is to simply study on the bus. The extra 10-20 minutes you’d get per bus ride could add up to over 2 hours each week (if I remember the training schedule for deep water correctly).

I’m glad I could help a little bit, if you ever need some other advice (even about uni applications/TISC and shit later this year) hit me up


Yeah solid choice man. I used to make loads of chilli con carne. If you’re doing that kind of stuff I’d try using slow or pressure cookers that are more hands-off. It will give you some extra time even to watch some TV (I’m not a huge cooking fan)


I guess so but it is a choice. I wouldn’t change it though, I love it. Like i kind of want to join the navy and im also thinking of being a Plant or diesel mechanic and earning the big bucks. (Know a guy who got an apprenticeship and straight after earns 200k a year) but then I can’t train for strongman. It’s all confusing lol. In future i do want to open my own gym as well

Thanks man

Damn i dont have one


Tell me about it.
I think something important to consider is that it’s unlikely you’ll ever have to entirely abandon something you’re passionate about. I used to practice guitar 2-3 hours per day, and was convinced I’d become the next Slash. Did that goal change? Hell yeah it did, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still play the instrument.

Even with things like Navy basic, if I remember right Australian Naval basic training is like 12 weeks. We’ve all seen that you can stay committed (albeit frustrated) to physical culture in arguably more dire circumstances for far longer periods of time than that. Even then, naval training isn’t exactly going to result in you losing all your gains (unless you live the SHW life :frowning: ). Working as a mechanic isn’t exclusive to being strong either. Eddie hall was a full time truck mechanic when he pulled 500kg, and I believe his WSM titles. You could even find (if anecdotal evidence prevails), that you’ll become one strong mofo from your time in physical labour.


I find the money, training, and bullying issues all tie together to a common theme of impulse control. Rather than treating the symptoms, I’d go to treat the disease on this one.


Dude nothing could be worse than 8 months of no lifting. 12 weeks of naval training is nothing compared to that. I just overthink

I think because i saw in job titles 10-13hr days and freaked out. But yeah your right. Btw eddie hall did retire before winning wsm and he said he wouldn’t have won if he didnt retire and get sponsored. But yeah you can obviously still get strong as fuck.


What do you mean by this portion?


Not doing a movement because you find it annoying, as an example.


I dont see the correlation. I wouldn’t eat feces either. Isnt not doing something because its annoying stubborn?


This makes no sense. A clean pull is just holding a bar and then jumping while keeping your upper body relaxed and shrugging at the right moment.

The power clean is a natural progression from that. I get why Andersen wants you to do the clean pulls first. Most people will never have an Olympic lifting coach and so the first thing you want to learn is how to generate power and nothing else.

But the power clean is a more complicated movement. I don’t understand why you’d avoid clean pulls but then do power cleans.

I’d honestly be worried with doing damage to your elbows by catching the bar poorly for a 100 reps every workout.


I know you don’t.

Duke, I’ll be honest; I’m tired of arguing with you in an attempt to help you get better. I feel like neither one of us is getting anything out of it.


With power cleans Im getting a bar to my shoulders so It isn’t as annoying


I’ve been thinking lately… I dont even make sense to myself sometimes


So the part annoying you is that you’re not catching the bar?

I don’t like how it feels when I have to let the bar go down after I do clean pulls, so I avoid them.

Is it similar to that?


I feel that this is normal. I don’t make sense to myself often either.

That’s why you need people to give you advice and be sensible enough to listen to them.

Good things happened in my life the moment I started taking people’s advice.


Yes. And my clean pull ends up being a deadlift and weird shrug


Its really hard for me to listen to advice and understand people, I think that comes from My ASD