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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Thanks guys


Please help
Guys i have a money spending problem, over christmas and my birthday the last couple of months i got alot of money and i spent it all on Dumb shit. Literally couldnt say what i spent it on, Mainly wasting it on Restaurants and constantly buying takeaway. How do i stop wasting money all the time? Also recently i got addicted to this phone game and spent like $100 on it


I’ve got the same problem. I downloaded an income/expense logging app and tracked my income and expenses for a week and what they were. It definitely helped me cut back.


Whats this app called?

Damn dude. Must be a teenager thing


Mine’s simply called “money manager”


Delete it - that’s a no brainer. Also hit yourself in the head before you ever spend money on such things again.


It happened when i was 13 as well, spent $200 on Clash of clans


Hey Duke
It’s a bit like training.
You know in advance what kind of exercises you’d be doing throughout the week.
You know you go to the gym every other day and what to do.
Threat your wallet the same way.
Every sunday you look at the next 7 days. If you want to spend money on junkfood plan it I’ll go to McDonald tuesday and thursday and I’ll by pizza the other day. Or I’ll threat myself pizza friday or saturday. And not spending money on the other days.
About the phone games as Koestrizer said delete it. Easy.
Be a cheap bastard basically. I hate spending money and saves up some.

The other day my savings got me to by a Mazda MX-5 Miata, had I used money on restaurants and shit, well I wouldn’t have had the money.
The car is just for fun btw.


This is actually very sound advice. Just like you have a progression model for adding weight to your lifts. Have a saving plan where you save every week. It doesn’t have to be all your money, but always ‘pay yourself’ or ‘save’ before you give your money to anyone else. After a short while this will become habit, also you will find that once those savings grow and you see the dollars build you will naturally save more. The behaviour feeds the behaviour.


Simo said it, have two accounts one for everyday use and one for savings.
But you might end up like a cheap bastard with loads of money you don’t want to spend.


It seems like you had too much money available at that age. Also since it happened repeatedly already: Hit really hard!


Thanks man

My problem is I like spending Money, but then I run out of money and i like having money more and its stupid to spend it on Dumb shit all the time

I see. If i get addicted to seeing a big bank account it will be good. I get addicted to things that make me feel good very easily

Damn i think im going to have to knock myself out at this point…

Yeah im gonna open up another account to put savings in. Can i make it so i cant touch the money without contacting the bank or something?


I deleted the game. I’ve tried deleting it before but i caved in and re downloaded it. If i keep it il just keep spending money on it until I clock up like 10 thousand on it over time. I’m not joking when i say I’ve never been this addicted to a game


Try adding a new hobby/passtime/penance. I used to be addicted to Call of Duty, then I learnt what studying was. Haven’t touched it since.

Other ones that worked were focussing more on playing guitar (specific example, but I’m sure you get the idea), reading which is easy to do when in transit between places or, honestly, working more hours.

The latter is a double-edged sword because:

  1. you have more money to spend
  2. you make less of a dent if you do binge spend
  3. at least you’re busy doing something productive.

I’m pretty sure I’m spending less money now that I
am working 20+ hours a week than when I was working <5 hours per week.


Same dude, I refuse to buy a ps4 simply because i used to play ps3 all day everyday, Black ops 2 was where its at as well as mw2,3 bo1 etc lol.

Skyrim, Gta 5 as well. If i had a ps4 id be on it all day. Damn i love Black ops 4… I play it at relatives or mates houses etc

I want to learn italian. I could pursue that

How do you manage uni and work and training? And meal prepping? I struggle enough with school then training and finding time to get enough sleep and do all the shit i need to


Yeah man give it a go. I remember starting Year 10 wanting to learn/re-learn German. Let that slip away from me I guess, which sucks because I still want to do a semester abroad in Munich or Berlin.

Umm it’s tough, to be honest, and it’s taken trial and error that I’ve been working on for the last two years. The things I’ve been doing:

  • 8 hours sleep just isn’t going to happen. 7 hours is a good night, 6 is average, 5 isn’t uncommon
  • I train at a very local gym with 24/7 access. Recently I’ve been training at or after 8pm, after lectures, classes and work is done for the day
  • I try using the most effective study methods I can. This involves a certain notetaking strategy called the Cornell Method you can read about online. Doing flashcards on the bus to uni/work has been super helpful too. Regular revision/revisiting of notes is essential too to help avoid burning out (counter-intuitive, I know)

I don’t know how useful, practical or intelligent any of those strategies are. I will say though, that the best saying/motto I’ve come across, and one I refer to frequently, is “don’t be the smartest, work the hardest”. That seems to pull my shit together when I’m getting lax with my responsibilities

EDIT: just realised you asked about meal prep so I’ll address that in a second post


Duke, you’re getting a lot of good advice on here for what to do, and disregarding it. I can’t laugh at you, because I’ve been guilty of the same thing. @isdatnutty is right, insofar as any hard work in the gym is better than not going, and you always work hard so you will make progress. However, if you’re going to do an established program, your best bet is to do the program as written as long as you don’t have a medical reason not to, every movement and set/rep scheme is there for a reason, and it was designed by someone who knows a lot more about training than you or I do. Not doing a movement because it’s annoying, or you don’t want to learn to do it correctly, is just lazy, and you’re not lazy!


That would be amazing

I hardly sleep enough anyways lol.

Damn dude. My problem is I have to take a bus otherwise its a 40 minute walk to my gym. The area with strongman stuff isnt 24/7 either. So i have to go after school.

It was Pretty useful man, you’re a smart dude


The issue i have with clean pulls is the amount of time to learn the technique and its annoying. Doing a movement for sets of ten when i dont know how to do it properly never works for me in that regard to learn it, I’ve always been able to learn movements better via singles or doubles etc. It took me months before I didn’t hate my deadlift setup


For meal prep, I’ve found a couple things make my life super easy:

1- In terms of portions, I try to do as little of it myself as possible. For example, I eat salmon daily, but it will just be a fillet of smoked salmon, already prepared. My main source of protein are kangaroo meatballs, which are already pre-portioned. This saves time here and there that adds up
2- the oven is your friend. The only meal I cook on a pan is eggs in the morning, prepping food in an oven is just so much faster
3- rice cooker cooking hacks. This one probably doesn’t apply to you as much since you’re on low carb, but I’ve been making my life way easier lately by putting chopped potatoes/veggies in my rice cooker with my rice (I do this daily). Just makes it a little bit easier to cook and clean up.
4- Try meal prepping for long or shorter lengths of time. I can never prep for a week, we just don’t have enough space in the fridge and the chunk of time I’d need to put aside would be a strain. Cooking for 2-3 days is manageable, but you may find it hard to fit into a routine. I personally just cook my food for the day first thing in the morning, as it is less headache in terms of portioning/dividing/packing food, and I use pretty hands-off cooking methods anyways (oven and rice cooker). By all means, if you find it easier to do bigger preps, go for it. IMO you just need to figure out how to account for it in a busy schedule.