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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Then why even run the deep water program?

Edit: I’m not saying you won’t make progress, just saying you’ll make the best progress following the program as written.

Edit 2: In general, your minimizing your own potential.


These guys are telling you solid advice. Learn from the program as written. Even when I was running pollack’s Powerbuilding I did it as written and I learned he is a master at putting movements together. I have never had more complete workouts that totally destroyed a focus for a workout. He stacked movements in a way that finished off the previous group to isolate the current lift and it did that through all the movements for the day. I hated the training but it was well planned and I learned from it.


my forearm health didn’t agree sadly

by doing dumbell curls instead of barbell this whole time? lol


i agree man, i’m horrible at programming myself though, i tend to lift too heavy lol


i made pretty awesome progress actually, i was able to add 5kg to my upper lifts and 10kg and 15kg on my deadlift work sets from the beginners program. ( in 6 weeks) my conditioning and physical toughness/mental has really developed too. so i disagree with:


He didn’t say no progress he said minimised. Maybe if you followed the program you would have added more !!! Either way juat keeping working hard and making mistakes and you’ll get there in your own unique way.


Deep water intermediate week 2 w3

Fat grips pullups

10×10 power cleans 50kg 4 minutes rest
Fuck… this was hell. Had some nice form improvements though. Still more like a deadlift reverse curl

And then jiu jitsu for 1 hr 30 which sucked ass too and brutal grappling at the end. Gopd good training tho


Mine either. I just trained through it.


Interesting. Do you use a thumbless grip or with thumb?


Full grip, thumb around.


“Pull yourself under the bar” (which requires a slight dip at the knees/hips) and try to finish with the highest elbows possible


I’m kinda like copying jim wendlers form lol

Ive seen people squat real deep on the catch, is there any best way to do it or individual?


If it’s a power clean then you’d be catching in a high position above parallel (The Power position).


What Brett said

Dropping down into a full squat (the catch position) is more technical and would make the exercise a “clean”

The full catch is used at heavier weight because it would be impossible to pull the bar high enough to catch in the power position


What stance should i use? Front squat feet width


Same stance you would jump from. I’ve found I need my legs a bit narrower or my arms get in the way, but that isn’t ideal


Why did you avoid doing the clean pulls when you’re going to do the power cleans and, presumably, the full clean as the program eventually prescribes?


I actually found a wider stance helped me produce more power in my cleans. The best way to figure it out is hold an empty bar and adjust your hands until the bar is right at the top of your quad. That is where the bar should make contact when you are hitting triple extension. Put your feet as close inside your hands while still maintaining straight arms.
That’s how I found my stance for cleans and power cleans.


Interesting, trial and error brought me to keeping the bar at the same height :joy:


They are annoying lol