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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



You gotta warm up dude. Of course straight up arm wrestling somebody can cause an injury. Thats like a max squat with no warmup.






I don’t get why anyone would compare Eddy’s lift to this one. Ain’t they just completely different?




Deep water intermediate week 2
10×10 axle strict press 35kg 4 minutes rest. That sucked lol. Axle feels better on my shoulders.



I see no volume. So that means you skipped Curls. I feel better about skipping curls now


i was supposed to do 5 sets, i did 3 but on the last set did a dropset and then did band curls immediately after. i dont like curls tbh


W-What?? You don’t like that SKIN TEARING PUMP. THAT LUDICROUS LACTIC ACID?!?! I love curls if you can’t tell.


There just so boring, also i can never seem to progress on them either and it pisses me off.


Just max out ur cheat curl


Max out on dingleberry curls, gotta use fake plates to confuse the audience… right babe??


Maybe because you keep changing the programming on them because you think they are boring?


This^ you won’t get the results you want it if you keep changing things up.


i dont think thats the case, since ive started lifting i havent been able to curl more than 10kg dumbells for reps

cough cough Conjugate


Use a barbell, per the program.

Conjugate doesn’t have you switch things up. You stay with conjugate the whole time you do conjugate. You don’t do ME work on Monday and then 5/3/1 on Wed.

Yes, you change movements in conjugate as PART of conjugate. That isn’t what you are doing here.


I’ve never really done much barbell curls, are they easier to progress on?


also @isdatnutty seems to do well and constantly changes things up


Yup. Allows for more cheating as needed, you are able to stabilize better, and you will be stronger with 2 arms working together.

Edit: Using an axle also hammers the forearms pretty well.


Just gotta hit the gym hard, not miss days and eat! I don’t think programming and all that matters that much up until a certain point. Your muscles don’t know if you are doing full body or upper lower or whatever.