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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition




Im just slow im general but yeah :rofl:

Thanks man!


It looks like you’re skipping the “pull” part of the movement. If only there was an exercise to help you train that movement… :thinking:


Just messing with you. It’s a good thing you want to do strongman because you’re going to be using brute strength instead of good technique for awhile on that movement.


Clean pulls!


Shhhhh! Don’t ruin it with some label!

It’s just a Simple POP! It’s a no-pressure, stress free warm up move. An easy way to Feel triple extension, which is a very natural motion anyway.

To make it even more chilled out, just use the top half of the motion. Do a couple reps from the hang, with the barbell above the knees. Then a couple starting just below the knees.


Probably because you skipped the clean pulls ha


They are annoying as shit though. Okay yeah singles and doubles or whatever but for sets of ten tf


Well yeah, cause 10x10 cleans


But Power cleans arent annoying, I actually like them


Holy shit… reflecting on the past week of school No one bothered me at all. Hocus pocus i made those bullies disappear.


Now there is some good news. Hopefully the rest of your year will be peaceful and you can focus on getting good grades and training and eating.


Tofays training
Stone to shoulder first time

Bunch of singles @85kg no tacky 5kg off of comp weight

Stone to shoulder ×2
Gonna be building up reps and technique


More vids brah

Strongman training seems much more fun to follow along with on social media than powerlifting. Channels like Martins Licis’ and Larry Wheels’ strongman stuff is a great watch before the gym


For u sir

And i agree. Strongman vids are amazing


Just in case you don’t know this already, for a rep to count you can only have one hand on the stone. So you have to make sure you are stable and release the other hand, then wait for a down command.

Edit: those were solid and explosive in the video, just we wanted to let you know this for game day.


Holy shit thanks, i had no clue

Cheers man




Deep water w1 week2
3×10 ssb squats light. Nope hip says nope. Im going to try Front squats next week and see how they feel. I dont think i can do yoke either. I didnt do yoke on saturday just in case.

10×10 deads

100kg 4 mimutes rest. Brutal

Box jump 5×10 woah really powerful and explosive. I was like Flying and so confused at the explosiveness lol

3 ×plank to failure. Situps pissed off hips too.


Bad lighting but ehh


Dont do dis lmaooooo, I fuckerd my forearm up armwrestling at the gym and its been hurting for nearly 2 weeks now, my guess is that its a sore tendon.


That farmers tan though