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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Its like waiting so long to Buy alcohol at the club and when the time comes around you order water instead. Why compete in a novice division when i can compete in the actual proper division.


Not really Duke.
When I was a racing bikes we had different classes.
Beginner group, C group, B group, and Elite group.
Then there were age groups starting at 30 years and going in 10 year jumps.
When someone new came to the sport they could start at the beginner group, C group or their age group.
If you’ve never raced before, other than training with the team, and you signed up in the C group you’d get your ass whipped before leaving the starting line. If you had the chance of starting with the B or Elite groups well you get me.
Starting out in a group of equals gives you the opportunity to at least compete, you might not win the race but you’d have a fair shot at winning and coming to the finish line with the big group.
You’d learn together with the other newcomers and if you did good placed in as the winner or runner up a couple of times you’d be promoted to group C and you’d then know how to race, and compete against others that had more races and more experience, if you did well here, you get the picture.
The first year I got promoted to the C group from my age group. I took me another year to go to the B group and then I stayed there for 4 years or so before I earned the right to be Elite racer.
It was no fun at all to race elite races, I was never ever near winning anything that year. BUT I could go almost all the way, I just didn’t have the reserves at the end. Another 2 or 3 years and I would have been in there for the wins.

Long rant here Duke, but if you go with the novice you’d have a shot at doing well, learn with other beginners (pick up weights that are just a tiny bit lighter).
But it’s your show, you don’t have many years left in the game (this was a bit ironic). If you feel you could do well with the established guys go ahead beat them.


You con only do one novice comp anyway. Theres no point.

They are far far stronger than me, Id rather come last in an actual competion than win a Novice comp that doesnt mean anything


Didnt post it because i was praying it wasnt bad but yesterday in jiu jitsu was grappling and something in my hip flexor (thats the area) pulled and now im thinking i tore it or strained it . Hurts to walk a little and ROM with my left leg is restricted unless i push through the pain. I can do a bodyweight squat without pain though mostly. I also limp if i dont actively try not to. Im pretty scared now


If there is no bruising than it is probably not torn. Give it a few days and heal Up.


Yeah man no bruising. What’s annoying is its always on the left side. Either my left shoulder, Hip or knee feels like shit.


Hey, it might go away. I tweak muscles on a regular basis…it all goes away. If you wanna be strong, you’re gonna have tweaks and other minor shit to deal with.


Whats the most common? This is definitely the worst one ive had. Ages ago a hamstring tweak sucked too and when my knee popped on yoke. Also one time when i was incline benching and the bar slipped and it messed up my shoulder for a bit


I thought I crushed my spine doing SSB Holds with upwards of 600 pounds. I held 610 for 35 seconds. I could not run without feeling like my spine was about to collapse for a week afterwards…but I was fine.


Shittt i remember that


Yes. So long ago. I look way too skinny now, haha. I’m not sure I could support that weight again.


I wouldnt recommend it, that shit crazy. I’m a big fan of static/isometric holds though.

Chill, Better than being a blob like me lol


Fuarkk so unbelievably hyped for comp day


A blob capable of walking a 240 kg yoke!


One day thats going to be 500kg!


Sounds dumb af tbh lol


It was. I’m not gonna deny that…I thought it would compare to static yoke holds. I was wrong lol


Todays training Deep watee intermediate week 1 day 3
Fat gripz pullups

10×10 Cleans 40kg. Never done cleans before so weight was a tad light. 4 minutes rest
40kg. @mortdk @T3hPwnisher i win the award for worst form lmao.

1 hrs 30 BJJ straight after. Really loving getting back into jiu jitsu. Didnt grapple at the end, Hip still feeling a little fucked. Alot better than a couole of days though. Also couldnt run in rugby at school.


Haha maybe, it’s a very nice deadlift to strict reverse curl :slight_smile:
Next time around try to explode in almost a jump when the bar is about midway on your quad, so the bar gets momentum and you have to do the reverse curl as a quick movement.
If it makes sense, you’re doing it to slow I think.


Yeah, pop up on your toes then shrug your shoulders! Drive with your legs then pull with your traps. Here’s a stupid video of the lower body extension and trap shrug. I used to do a couple of these to get loose and springy before cleans.