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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Its the intermediate program, It says to establish a 1rm for deep water.

i didnt want to test my 1rm’s plus i had a nice strength boost over the 6 weeks and recovered nicely during my deload. =added weight.


I always thought that if you are running the programs in order to just stick with the original 1rm, seeing as it goes to 80% starting at week 3 as well as increasing the intensity. Then working up to 5rm in the advanced program. It just seems counterproductive to increase the weight like that, especially by such large increments.

Edit: Seeing as Im running the program myself, Im curious to hear your opinion @T3hPwnisher


I added 20kg to my squat max while running cube for 6 weeks a few months ago, the way i see it if my strength goes up then its not the percentage the program asks for. Also, i know @T3hPwnisher used 75% for the intermediate


I went to 75% and held there for all 6 weeks of the intermediate program, using the same 1rm as beginner. 80% seemed absurd, while staying at 70% for the first 2 weeks of intermediate seemed like a regression.


Thanks for the insight @T3hPwnisher .


Deep water day 2 Intermediate week 1

Push press 10×10 40kg
6 weeks ago when i started beginners i was a fool and tried to do 40kg instead of 35. I could only just do 1 set. Now after the beginners ive added 5 kg and could do 10×10!!!

Curls 5×10

Ran out of time for core

BJJ 1hrs 30

Bunch of the normal warm-up moves and stuff

Back escapes again and 20 minutes of rolling. GI today too.



Event 1: Yoke (15m)

Description and rules:

  • Once the yoke has been lifted the clock will start.
  • You are allowed to drop the yoke multiple times.
  • If you are caught excessively sliding the yoke, you will be notified and 5 seconds per offense will be deducted from your time.
  • The timer will stop once the yoke ‘breaks’ the finish line.
  • Alternatively, if you are unable to complete the full 15 metres the distance travelled will be measured.
  • To score, you must carry the yoke beyond the 1.5 metre mark.
  • There is a 60 second time limit to this event.

105+: 350kg
U105 / 105+ novice: 300kg
U90 / U105 novice: 265kg
Heavy but doable

U80 / U90 novice: 235kg
U80 novice 200kg:

82kg+: 185kg
U82kg / 82kg+ novice: 165kg
U65kg / U82 novice: 155kg
U65kg novice: 135kg

Event 2: Rising Bar Axle clean and Press

Description and rules:

  • You must clean the axle for each attempt (failed presses may be reattempted from the shoulders)
  • The weight will increase in set increments
  • The weights listed are the minimum opening weights for each weight class.
  • The elbow must be locked out and feet must be parallel for a rep to be given. Additionally, you must wait for the ‘down’ call from the referee. Failure to do so will result in a no rep.
  • Supports such as elbow sleeves and wrist wraps are permitted.
  • If you fail a lift, you have 30s to reattempt

105+: 110kg
U105 / 105+ novice: 90kg,
U90 / U105 novice: 80kg FUCK

Its a rising bar… i dont know if i can axle clean and push press 80 which is the lowest weight by then but i fucking will!!

U80 / U90 novice: 80kg
U80 novice: 70kg

Men’s attempts: 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, 110kg, 125kg, 140kg+

82kg+: 50kg
U82kg / 82kg+ novice:
U65kg / U82 novice: 40kg
U65kg novice: 30kg

Women’s attempts: 30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg+

Event 3: Axle Tyre Deadlift for reps (60s)

  • For a rep to be given, the knees and hips must be completely locked out, additionally, you must wait for the ‘down’ call from the referee.
  • You may not ‘bounce’ the weight or use the ‘touch and go’ method. You must allow the weight to be completely ‘dead’ before attempting further reps.
  • Lifting straps are permitted, deadlift suits are NOT permitted
  • 60s time limit

105+: 265kg
U105 / 105+ novice: 245kg
U90 / U105 novice: 225kg
Hmm… Aiming for atleast 1 rep here

U80 / U90 novice: 200kg
U80 novice: 180kg

82kg+: 150kg
U82kg / 82kg+ novice: 130kg
U65kg / U82 novice: 110kg
U65kg novice: 100kg

Event 4: Farmers Carry (30m)

Description and Rules

  • Carry the farmers handles 30m in the fastest time possible
  • You may drop the handles unlimited times
  • If you fail to complete the 30m, your distance will be measured, longer distances beat shorter distances, fastest completion time beats distance.
  • The course length will be 15m, upon crossing the line, you must drop the handles, turn around and pick the handles back up to complete the remaining 15m
  • If you are caught sliding the handles along the ground, you will be notified and a 5s time penalty will be added per offense.

(Weight is per hand)

105+: 125kg
U105 / 105+ novice: 115kg
U90 / U105 novice: 105kg
Easy as fuck yewww

U80 / U90 novice: 95kg
U80 novice: 75kg

82kg+: 75g
U82kg / 82kg+ novice: 65kg
U65kg / U82 novice: 60kg
U65kg novice: 55kg

Event 5: Steel Stone to shoulder (60s)

  • You must load a stone to your shoulder, once it is there, it must be shown to be secure with one hand
  • Tacky is NOT permitted for this event, however tack towels may be used.
  • If you fail to shoulder the stone, no points will be awarded.

Men (all steel stones)
105+: 110kg
U105 / 105+ novice: 100kg

U90 / U105 novice: 90kg

My gym literally just got a stone of steel which i can load to whatever weight i want a week ago!!
Its to shoulder but i can do this. I can rep the 80kg stone for ages with no tacky. Ive muckes around and shoidlered it too. Stone of steel is alot harder but i will rep this comp day.
U80 / U90 novice: 80kg
U80 novice: 70kg

82kg+: 60kg (steel)
U82kg / 82kg+ novice: 60kg (steel)
U65kg / U82 novice: 54kg (concrete)
U65kg novice: 40kg (concrete)

All in all im EXCITED as hell!


90/105kg jeezus ur massive


Lol. Weighing 88 atm


You need to start eating your wheaties man


Shit i better. Back when i was a young lad in primary school I’d smash out 10 weet bix for brekkie


Looks like you’re going to have a good time with the event Young Duke.
Some will be very hard, some will be doable and some will be almost easy. That’s the way it should be.
Now it’s time to train.


I remember not so long ago you went and took some video at an event, now you’re going to be in one. fu*k ya. get it.


Hey Duke. Remember when I was the fat one and you didn’t wanna gain any weight? :slightly_smiling_face: just kidding, go crush the competition.


Fark Duke, just shy of 90kg with a lot of growing ahead of ya!
Best of luck with the comp mate, smash that shit!


If you are just shy of 90kg why not compete at under 90kg ??


Yeah I’m competing under 90’s. I’m not bothering to do a novice comp. To me thats like Getting a participation medal

Thanks mort!!

Haha yeah its awesome! Thanks man

Thanks brother!

Thanks man!!


Fair enough, is the novice only for first timers ? And by not doing this does that benefit you for future comps ? Is there a league or something?


Yeah pretty much

The u90kg is a qualifier for states. Novice doesnt qualify you for states. If you win states or come 2md etc you get invited to the arnolds. Im not at that level yet obviously but i just don’t see the point in doing a novice comp.


Why not compete against others who’s at their first event as well.