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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Todays training. Deep water day 4 week 1
3×10 50kg
Close grip
3×10 45kg

Incline log press
3×10 30kg log +5 kg (35kg)

Dips:shoulders wont let me do these. (Collarbone thingy shit) need something to replace dips?

Pushups 3×failure
6,4,6 pushups sucked ass after the benching.

First week done of deep water. I like it. Whilst the unheavy weight doesnt leave me satisfied it makes up for it in intensity. Tomorrow going to train with the Arnolds crew/ some mates (Strongmen training for arnolds) so will be doing yoke, atlas stones and Power stairs. Theres viking press but not doing that because of benching today.


Stick with the program homeboi


love pushups. and dead lifts.


One day a week is conditioning, it doesnt really count though because it’s an actual training session, but I’m not going to miss the opportunity to train with a bunch of dudes who are strong as fuck. Surround yourself with people far above yourself and you’ll get stronger quicker


You’re a beast at both!


Todays training
Wicked wicked session with the crew. Will go to this every Saturday now! Just an awesome training environment

180kg 3×20 knee held up fine but called it there. Wanting to add weight but technique needs alot of tweaking and need to get tighter

Tried power stairs

Atlas stones!!!
110kg pr
2 sets of 1 rep. 1st rep was alot easier but got the second one on vid! Fuck yes!!!


Hell yeah … well done Young Duke


Thanks man! Now to refine technique and get the 110kg for reps. Next stone up is 140kg. Give me 4 months and ima hit that shit


Nice work on the stone!




Learning to clean is taught from the top down so starting from the hang or blocks is a good idea. Go to ThibArmy and find the video series on how to power clean. There are some drills you can do to prepare for the next phase of your program.

I’d get a hamstring cramp! :laughing:

@duketheslaya, you might try butterfly crunches. Put your feet and legs in the butterfly stretch position and do crunches that way.

Or try this.

I did these on a bench and I left my feet on the floor. It was 100% abs and 0% hip flexor. You don’t have to use weight; just put your hands up and reach for the ceiling.


That does happen fairly frequently, ngl


you’re looking beefier (stronger) lately too man. strong af !!


Thanks man! All the foods paying off


todays training/Deep water week 2 workout1
3×10 squats technique. Ssb empty bar

10×10 85kg double overhand deads
4 minutes rest between sets. Easy. I think last weeks squats were wayyyy harder. I thought the deads would be worse but apparently not. Either that or i got some kind of drastic improvement in conditioning/physical toughnesd since a week ago (i don’t think so).

Final set here^^^

3×10 empty barbell lunges

3×20 situps. Focusing on going slow /contracting the abs and “curling” the abs. Didnt annoy my hip flexors for once @T3hPwnisher, as well as doing that leg curl thingy @j4gga2 mentioned.


Glad it helped


First 2 weeks aren’t bad. Once the rest times cut, it shows.

Why double overhand deads? Is that what you used to calculate your work weights?


I don’t like mixed grip, plus the weight isn’t heavy enough for me to justify straps. Grip isn’t an issue for me so i figure may as well go double overhand


Are you doing the sit ups with the planks back to back for 3 rounds? I know it doesn’t seem like a big part of the program, but that would break me more than the main shit.


Yeah! Today it didnt say that on the program though. I think because deadlifts or something. 2 of the days are planks with situps and 2 are wirh back extensions so i do reverse hypers instead of back extensions.

It’s very hard to do especially after 100 reps of squats!! personally this has given me a new look on core training. I’m only second week in on deep water beginners program but I’ve clearly wrongfully neglected core training.