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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Can I use my own dick (assuming it reaches) or does it have to be someone else’s?


Todays training/deep water workout 3 week 1
Pullups 4× failure
Band assisted (lightest band) its a band i use for band pull aparts so doesnt give much help but enough.

×10,8,8 and 5 unassisted

Barbell Bent over rows
4×10 50kg

Clean pulls for 3×10… tried these and they were just so so stupid and very hard to learn. Said fuck it and did some carries:

Farmers walk into keg carry
85kg per hand farmers×20 metres
Unknown keg ×30 metres
3 sets

Situps superset reverse hypers with no rest. 20 situps and 20 hypers. Might change out the situps for something that doesnt piss off my hip flexors like ab wheel


That patience :smiley:


Are you going to continue the program as its designed?


Dude you gotta do the program as written if you want the results expected from it.


The 6 weeks spent learning clean pulls will pay off when you start doing 100 reps of cleans.



I’m going to try to learn the clean pull. I think it’ll take alot longer than 6 weeks to get the hang of it though… worst comes to worse I’ll just do log cleans instead


I’d use both, just to be sure


I really think that’s too short a time frame for me to learn the movement. It took me months to not have a retarded looking deadlift


I think whether you think you can, or you can’t: you’re right.

You will at least 6 weeks ahead of the learning curve if you start now.


I think you think too much.


I just know from past experiences how long it takes me to learn new movements that are complex. Something like the clean pull which is more complex than the deadlift…


That’s true


Update: just binged on hot cross buns… failed no carbs after 5 days. Disappointed in myself. I’m going to keep going. This time hopefully i can last at least ten days.


Your hip flexors shouldn’t be coming into play on sit-ups. That tends to be a case of improper technique. Don’t focus on ROM; focus purely on getting the ab contraction. Hook your feet under a surface, and make it so that the only way you move up is by contracting your abs.


Unsure if my advice is appreciated here, but I always get a much stronger ab contraction with sit-ups when I focus on maintaining a hamstring contraction throughout the set. If you can place something strong and stable behind your heel, and do a “hamstring curl” against it, it helps disengage the hip flexors. It could help you



I’ll try that out.


I’d suggest that you look up Glenn Pendlay/CA strength’s video on the clean on Youtube.

Do you know if it’s acceptable to start the clean off a block or in the hang?


I’ll check it out

I mean i don’t see why not. If that makes it easier to learn then good


Most people lack the mobility for a good clean position off the floor. It will be significantly easier to learn if you initially start from the hang position or off a block.