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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Aren’t you guys the island where Jason Momoa came from?


Well, if my chosen career works out you can expect a major decline in the greater Brisbane region over the next 10-15 years :joy:


Genuinely unsure if this is a sarcastic question, but Momoa’s Hawaiian


Speaking of. Education is a big plus.

Gov pretty much pays for you to get training/uni and be like it’s ok you can pay as back when you got some money.


Very true, low interest on student loans is nice, and public education is of a decently high standard in metropolitan areas. Also, I think the government is willing to hand out student allowances to help with textbooks, rent and food (I’ll have to check, since I’m planning on moving out next year)


Correct. You can get living away from home Youth allowance


I know this applies to minors, but does it apply to people in their early 20’s/late teens?


Yes. This is the list:

"You may be eligible for Youth Allowance if you are:

  • 18*-24 years old and studying full-time;
  • 16-24 years old and undertaking a full-time Australian Apprenticeship; or
  • 16–20 years old and looking for full-time work or undertaking a combination of approved activities, or have a temporary exemption from the participation and activity test requirements. If you do not have a Year 12 certificate or an equivalent qualification (Certificate level II or above) you will generally be expected to undertake study or training to meet the activity test.

*You may be eligible for Youth Allowance if you are 16-17 years old and studying full time (or 15 in certain circumstances) if you:

  • need to live away from home to study; or
  • are considered independent for Youth Allowance."


Brilliant, cheers for that. Flatshare in Brisbane hovers at $150-280, so that allowance will be a life-saver


Starting to really feel the affects of no carbs. This is where it gets interesting. Started freaking myself out by reading stuff online about how carbs Are essential for athletes and getting stronger/building muscle. However @T3hPwnisher is big and strong so fuck what the internet and bullshit science says! Also i know @Alpha is a fan of low carb as well


GIF of saying “Good luck” but like ominously




It’s easy to do when half the continent is uninhabitable and half the population is kangaroos and rabbits.


I think I’d prefer uninhabitable over deserted. It’s not bad here - we have quite a few vacant houses in the neighborhoods but places like Detroit have entire neighborhoods that are vacant except for the criminals and drug addicts. I’ve heard police don’t even go there. I picture it to be like a post apocalyptic movie.

I’d take desolate nature over a cesspool of humanity any day.


They’re not wrong statements, but understanding the context is helpful. Carbs make building muscle a lot easier, since they’re an easy way to fill up calories and can be muscle sparing. For athletes, they’re a good source of energy. Even Jon said that, for competitions, he’d load up with carbs, because it’s easier to slug a Gatorade or eat some candy than it is to eat a package of bacon between events. But that’s talking about athletes in competition vs in training, which is what gets lost in translation when people talk about “for athletes”.

It’s just going to depend on how you handle things. @flipcollar seems to respond really well to a higher carb intake with moderate protein, from what I’ve heard him write. Eats a lot of junkfood too and stays lean. Aaron Fondry is a similar story. I prefer eating a lot of meat, and my health indicators seem to agree with it.

Even if you find out this doesn’t work for you, it’s good to try out new things. I settled on high protein/fats low carbs after spending a few years pounding carbs.


Well i can only test it out i suppose. I know for a fact I respond better to really high protein, carbs bloat me and so far I’m feeling pretty good aside from the even lower energy levels than usual. From what I’ve looked around online it takes some time to adjust


Some dude named Poliquin also says that you don’t need carbs before you have dickskin on your abs

No kidding, I know one guy that went in with a broken rib and got out with nasal spray and a diagnosis of having the flu.


I wonder how often they misdiagnose mental illnesses/chronic diseases. A scary thought for sure, but healthcare sucks everywhere.


That fucker makes me look fat. Hell of a competitor.


It will be around 2-3 weeks before your energy is normalized.