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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Deep water workout 2 week 2
Axle Push press with clean on first rep 10×10
35kg. 4 minute rests. This sucked more than the squats, legs were dead so my leg drive felt like hell. Sets 7 upwards around rep 7 i dropped the bar and recleaned it in order to get reps in. Sets 9&10 i failed the tenth reps so dropped the bar,Cleaned and hit the rep. Axle continental clean was inconsistent as well as leg drive. The reps with good leg drive felt like nothing and the ones without felt heaby as hell when i was fatigued. Some reps i used motr of a power jerk technique if i couldnt get any more push press reps.

That was hell

5×10 fat gripz curls, 3×10 lateral raises. Owe some ab work as a mate was coming over.


Domt have the money man

Probably not, knee popped on yoke cos i got out of balance but really its something to do with my left hip/leg.


Ain’t that expensive dude. Worth.

Don’t you have health insurance? How about your teeth?


I think i have medicare. Anyways i buy everything myself/am responsible for looking after myself so yeah i can’t afford physio


Look into private health insurance brah when you get a job to pay for shit with.

If you gon look after yourself like an adult you better act like one and get insurance. Not just health but car and shit.

Never know when you’ll need it and that one time you do it’ll save you enough to make it worth it or make stuff accessible like physio (which is probably a good investment given ur into lifting and strongman)


Woah thanks for reminding me. I completely forgot about health insurance and all of that stuff. After year 12 I’m going to work full time so yeah will get it then


Fuck health bro if you bump someone with your car you’ll be homeless lol


I aint have a car im allgood


Core work i owed:
1 minute plank followed by 20 situps. 3 rounds no rest. Abs were very sore already especially from yesterday so planks especially sucked. Sets 2 and 3 took a couple of second break when i got past 40 seconds. Goal next time is to not bitch out on the planks and do the full mimute each time with no couple of second break.


I’ve forgot to check in on you for just a couple of days and had to browse through 80 something posts.
First off that deep water is insane… meaning I haven’t done them but followed Pwn’s struggles.
You about to get you ass whipped young Duke.
Was supposed to do 65 kg but I don’t give a fuck I’ll up the weight with about 15% :slight_smile:
I hope you stick to the program, gonna be fun to see where it takes you.

Remember if that knee starts to bother you more, go see a physio or something.


Australian currency devaluation must suck for you guys.




That happens in this log

Hahaha its going to be hell


Thanks man. Can’t wait to see the results!

With money i don’t have lol?


Not really. It balances out. I don’t know how to explain it but for example the average salary for cashiers in the us made around $20000 a year in the VS $40000 a year in Australia. Say chicken costs $2 lb in the us, it costs $4 over here so the wages balances out


Economic inflation matches wage growth. We don’t have that here, unfortunately.


Not sure if this will mean anything to you, but over the last 10 years, thanks to frequent travels to Asia, I’ve been able to watch the Aussie dollar go from buying $1.60 SNG to $0.97 SNG and that was honestly a bit of an oh shit moment.

Also watching the Euro buying $3.00 AUD to $1.40 after Brexit pretty much proved that Europe need to fix their shit.


:rage: Suck my big, juicy, free healthcare and safe roads


You’re right, but that hasn’t stopped stupid high import taxes, shipping costs and property prices from f*cking our shit up. Property in particular is munted, something like 30% (IIRC) is taken up in investment properties. Australia’s exports are dwindling rapidly too - without Japan and China we’re cooked - so any wage growth you’re seeing now is not gonna last.





But how good can the healthcare possibly be? After all…you get what you pay for (insert devil’s advocate voice here)