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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Which belt do use?


Pioneer 10mm lever




Depends where you buy it from. I got mine for $180 or so. Apparently thats $128 us


Pasta is like zenzu beans for me



The ever rare triple tag. Nice.


What have you done to replace the 2kg lasagna?

Half my diet is carbs. Chicken & potatoes. Steak/roast & pasta. Rice. Bread. I don’t know how I’d replace all of that with fat and protein. I know I could add fats via oils and such but that doesn’t do anything for hunger. And I can’t afford to double my meat consumption.

I ate 1/3 of a cow in about 7 months last year. My wife is vegan but I had a little help from my kids (5 & 2 so not much help). My freezer is empty right now.


Adding a whole avocado a day helped for my fat intake. Jon is also big on rehydrating meat with fat (specifically avocado oil).


My diet for the last 5 days including today:

Heavy cream
Peanut butter
1kg of meat a day minimum. (Was having 500 gram before) Yesterday i had 1kg chicken and then 6 sausages.
Protein powder
Greek yoghurt
1kg veggies minimum.

Etc. Foods from jon andersons diet list. This is the list:


Cheap cuts, look for meat that expires in a day so it’s on sale (bulk buy and freeze), frozen meats etc


I saw an ad for Butcher Block on Instagram. It was promoting 2 lbs of salmon, 4 lbs of beef, and 10 ounces of bacon for free with your purchase.

I thought “Great, that’s one day of food. What the hell do I do the rest of the week?”

Rice, pasta and potatoes are so cheap and easy. It would be hard to replace them. I’m not sure I need to, either. I feel alright with my carb addiction.


How do you think I started with 1/3 of a cow? My family splits it. I think it came out to $3-4 per pound last year for ground beef, steaks, and roasts. I just ate it all faster than usual. I haven’t found another source of beef.

I’ve only bought beef from the store a couple times in my entire life. I’ve always had meat in the freezer. It’s tough to pay the high prices at the grocery store.


Yeah food shopping is expensive!


Eating 6lbs of meat in a day would be quite a feat. Not impossible, but still challenging. But that is probably enough for 2 days, haha.

Poultry seems to be where cost savings are. Jon is pretty big into chicken, and I can see why.


Our budget is $900 a month for a family of four. I don’t know if it’s expensive or not compared to other families. We pay around $600 each year for our portion of the cow so the monthly budget doesn’t include our beef.


Yeah, definitely cheap but I’m also trying to decrease my chicken consumption due to the horrible ways the US produces it. I think I can find locally grown beef and pork, but I’m not sure about chicken. I’ve been eating 6-7 lbs of chicken breasts per week lately. That’s three to four chickens (on steroids). I don’t think anyone who raises their chickens humanely could keep up with my appetite.


That’s actually really well priced


Heres a boring post:
My left knee as you know is anbit iffy from the other day. Yesterday after squats it was a little pissed off, However once i did walking lunges and really focused on getting my knee to track properly during lunges, (foot pointed out slightly as well) it really made my knee feel good. My knee feels awesome today too. Not much popping/Crackling like usual. Single leg work is good for you.


Go see a physio. Might be able to see what’s up and correct it. Problem could be the knee or below at the foot or above at the hip. Protect yourself before you wreck urself brah

Also I’m gonna start SSB squatting next block I think so I’ll have some knee pops too