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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



I wouldn’t do Deep Water in this situation. Get healthy first.


That’s the goal. :+1:


I’ll take you up on this offer for sure brother. Definitely won’t be easy!


indeed! I’m starting the program tomorrow. I could send you the diet and programs if you like?


I have no interest in the program as of right now but definitely send the diet my way.




What weights do you plan on using on the Deep Water program?


Don’t know yet, havent back squatted in forever so just going to go in and see what i can do for 10×10 and adjust as necessary. If back squatting feels shit I’ll just do ssb


I meant on the cleans and power cleans.


I’m probably going to do log cleans or axle continental cleans. Have never done power cleans; Regular cleans form sucks too


@T3hPwnisher this is what it says in the book:

“Multiply your 1-rep max by .77 to find your hypothetical 10-rep max. Multiply your hypothetical 10-rep max by .7 to find your 70%”

E.g: 120kg 1rm

120×.77 = 92kg

92kg ×.7 = 65kg

That’s 50% of my 1rm. Not 70?? So my sets are done with 65kg?


It’s 70% of your 10rm, not your 1rm. Looks like your math checks out.


Oh thank god.

For once lol…


This is weird… for the first time in my life i have zero desire to eat carbs. Day 4 of the diet. It’s alot easier than i though it would be


Todays training
Deep water Day 1 Week 1

light touch and go deads: first time doing them. 3×10 80kg

**10×10 SSB squats 4 minute rests **
65kg. (Its actually 75 due to the ssb weighing 30kg but i dont count it, it gets to confusing so i consider it 20kg barbell weight)

Sorry @T3hPwnisher couldn’t bring myself to back squat. Also, My belt notmally is a little too big, Today it was nowhere close to fitting. I really think carbs must bloat the hell out of me or something. 4 days in and i feel a heck healthier already. Carbs just aren’t for me i think. So yeah all squats done beltless

The sets:
Right up until set 5 was fine. Set 6 i started sitting on a chair between sets. Set 7 I started to lie on the floor, set 8 i couldnt really feel my body much. Set 9&10 just like set 8. All in all it wasn’t hard mentally, I didn’t dread my sets because i just had to get it done. Physically it was hard though. Definitely didnt reach deep waters but i wouldn’t expect that from the first session. The 10×10 deads are what i think is really going to get me… the 3×10 light sucked haha. Id much rather squatthan deadlift for high reps

Barbell lunges
3×10 each leg. Body was kind of numb

situps superset reverse hyper
20 reps 3 sets no rest. I only did one set of situps and my abs cramped like crazy so that was it for that. Hoping that was a one off/or my abs aren’t used to the squats volume so they cramped. @T3hPwnisher thank you heaps for introducing this program to The tnation community. This program is definitely what i needed. I’m always feeling unsatisfied in terms of training hard or intensity but i think this is really really going to test me and i like that.


Good to hear it has been settling in well. Weeks 1 and 2 aren’t that awful, but 3 and 4 are a gut check, haha.


I don’t have an issue with the program, but I’m thinking my strength will increase fast. After each program like after the 6 weeks beginner would it be okay to work up to a heavyish single (Not 1rm) to know what weights to use for the next one? Only reason is in april im pretty sure I’ll have to deadlift 180kg for reps/around that at my comp so i want to be using the right weights for the program.

I found if i take deep breaths it really helps recover between sets. If i just stay gasping for air it wears you out alot quicker


The book directs establishing a new 1rm before each program. You should be good.


Ohhhh! I thought it meant establish a one rep max at the beginning of the beginners and then keep that 1rm till the end of advanced.


Owed some ab work due to the cramping from before. 2×20 situps. Abs cramped again lol