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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



I’m going to need it


Make your own; it’s what I do.

And just because it will drive me nuts; Jon’s last name is Andersen, vs Anderson. Tough for me, since I also a fan of Paul Anderson.


I read through deep water. It looks like the GVT I did early in my lifting. It was brutal. 12 weeks of 10x10 I would lift 60k-100k lbs a session 5 days a week.

I agree with @T3hPwnisher. Good luck


I wouldn’t. Different training effect. Maybe do that for the light squats on deadlift day.

Squats will mess your knee up; they do to mine. But only squatting once every 2 weeks seems to be restorative.




Honestly, aside from the 10x10, I didn’t find them too similar. Progression was very different, which is what drew me in.


Hey Duke! Just saying, when both of my knees pop as I descend into a Squat Position, I find it extremely satisfying. Like cracking your neck after a long day of work.


Alright. I’ll stick to ssb

Sweet. I’ve been squatting ×2 a week.

I’m always complaining about wanting my training intensity to be higher. This is what i need. it’s going to make me stronger physically and mentally


Why not barbell?


Yeah, when it’s a good pop it’s satisfying haha


Have always hated back squats, they just do not feel good on my back or knees. The way my upper back is from my jacked up weird collarbone growth shit//Left upper back being way longer horizontally/trap.it sits differently and sk the bar sits weirdly on my upper back and my left elbow can’t really get set properly. With yoke i have the same issue but i find yoke is fine since you push up and forward against it, so it can rest on my traps properly regardless since they’re shrugged up a little.


Buffalo bar might help. It’s what I use. I think the SSB allows a bit too much slop, which is good on the advanced days, but for beginner and intermediate, misery is the experience.

Barbell (buffalo) squats feel awful for me. I am still missing 20% of my meniscus in my left knee, and it feels like it is being sawed in half from rep 20 on, but I figure that’s the point; it isn’t supposed to feel good.


I don’t have access to a cambered bar. My gym has pretty much every bar besides that lol. Would a spider bar be good? The spider bar isnt one with the handles out infront though, you have to grip on the sides i think.

Guess you’re in deep water :laughing:


What would you say if someone did not have access to a Buffalo bar, yet had shoulder issues so a straight bar just didn’t really work? Would a SSB be ok in that scenario?

I’m not doing the program till the spring/summer, but as of now I don’t think I will have a Buffalo bar and I am still trying to find some way to use a straight bar comfortably (but haven’t yet).


Have you tried widening your hands out?That seems to help alot of people with shoulder issues


I genuinely don’t see it having the same effect. You are 19 right? What happened to your shoulder? I am post a labrum tear, 6 disloacations and a few dozen subluxations and can squat with a barbell. You may still have a future in it, haha.


No deep water for the beginner program till about the 9th set.

I would just troubleshoot the barbell honestly. 100 reps will sort out technique. Worked for me with cleans, haha.




Yes I’m 19. Really not quite sure what happened with my shoulder. I was told it was a labrum tear, and honestly felt fairly happy with that. Didn’t seem too serious. And I know most, if not all, weightlifters, powerlifters, and Strongmen work with much worse.

Anyway, had surgery in May, and it’s completely gone downhill since then. Pain is much more frequent and intense. Overhead presses feel good with anything, but straight bar back squats and straight bar bench presses just hurt. Tried a football bar for benching and it felt a lot better, as did dumbbells. Front squats and SSB feel fine.

I didn’t feel very confident in my PT. She seemed inexperienced, and admitted she’d never worked with someone straight out of surgery. Honestly just cannot afford (note: cannot afford, not “doesn’t want to pay”) more PT or another look by a surgeon.

I really just don’t know what it is, and have tried everything I can think of - icing, massage, elimating pressing movements for periods of time and strengthening my upper back/rear delts/rotator cuff, just resting and taking a break from lifting, using extremely light weights and having as close to perfect form as I can on presses and benches…

I am fully aware I sound like a pussy, but while I do have hopes to compete someday (hopefully soon), I’d much rather just be able to do daily activites pain free when I’m 40. I know to have success in the strength sports it will require some wear and tear on my body, but for such a seemingly small injury, the lengthy time it’s affected me seems weird.

Any tips, as you’ve obviously dealt with much worse? You’ve noted your knee still bothers you. Maybe I just need to get through it. I’m not against pushing through it, it’s just that like I said I didn’t expect a torn labrum to bother me for so long. Makes me question if something else is wrong.


Yeah. A really close grip (high bar position) is the best I can get it to feel.