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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Yeah squats didnt feel good on my left knee today… knee doesnt feel good at all. That stupid pop on yoke has done some damage


Unless you shoot one


Best way to eat Roo…


Nah just sneak up to a sleeping Grey and bite it on the arse imo. You know it’s fresh when you cop a kanga-boot the jaw


Oh delicious. It has to be thiccccc though


I officially turn my back on all of humanity and sacrifice my soul to the devil. Fuck everything.


Hey man whatever gets you stronger


Hopping on vitamin S, eh?

Care to elaborate?


ACL? Meniscus? any idea on what in your knee you might’ve hurt?


That’s the heart of a champion my man lol I’m not sure I could of pulled it off.


:joy::joy::joy: Never post on t-nation when you lose your shit…

What do you mean?

Dont know really. Just flares up after squatting and feels all clicky/Constantly pops (Not a loud pop like popping a knuckle sorta thing)


I’m glad i did it, today i see the cookies and have no desire to eat them. Once you get past it initially it’ll get easier i suppose


@strongmanbrett surely do the deep water diet with me brother! Would be good to compete against you and see who goes on a carb binge first haha


Must be something wrong with my ssb squat. Everytime i ssb squat the day after my hips feel like shit as well as my knees. With the recent knee pop i dont want to aggravate my left knee even more. I might just go back to front squats

Posted this before but do you guys see anything wrong i could improve on besides my walkout? That would aggravate my hips/knees?


That’s what I was wondering


I understand now… :joy:


As of next week starting the jon anderson deep water program. It’s going to be brutal but I’m insane and i look forward to the results that await me.

Edit: I’m actually scared lmao @T3hPwnisher


Lighten the weight up and do more rehabby squats. Don’t mess around with a janky knee pop. You need to figure out what the body is telling you before it breaks

If you are having knee trouble deep water is not what you need to be thinking about doing next


Good luck dude; that is the right way to feel, haha.


To be fair it’s only from ssb squats and not front squats. Front squats feel fine. My left knee has been a little clicky for a while now, The pop on yoke just made it worse. It feels fine now/just crunches and clicks and shit but yesterday felt iffy after the squats.

There’s squatting for sets of ten, I don’t see how thats an issue. I’ll probably make the squat variation front squats.