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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition




Yeah, I’ve heard thats what alot of weighted oblique stuff does :mask:


@T3hPwnisher would you recommend the deep water diet/Diet guidelines e.g low carb for gaining strength and muscle. Low carbs goes against everything I’ve really seen/heard in regards to getting strong. I’m quite interested to learn more about it really


If you can handle carbs well, I don’t see a reason to avoid them.

Jon makes a lot of awesome points when it comes to no carb. “There’s no such thing as an essential carbohydrate” “Carbs are like drugs;you should only use them when you need them, but people get addicted to them” “protein is how you recover” “fats are good for hormones” etc etc, and I’m a big fan of the rhetoric, but it’s definitely different than anything else put out there. I naturally gravitate to low carb, because it’s how I like to eat, I look and feel better when I eat that way, and I’d rather eat fattier meats and no carbs than lean meats with carbs.

But people handle stuff differently. I think I come from primarily northern european stock and, in turn, metabolize meats and fats well and carbs poorly. My wife is 1/4 korean and handles carbs well but can’t eat much fatty meat.

Pretty much a lot of rambling. I’ll be honest; nutrition is a mystery to me. I got Cs and Ds in all my hard science courses, I can’t make heads or tails of biology, and all the studies look the same to me. I pretty much do high protein/high fat/low carbs because it’s one less thing to think about. Carbs are too complicated.

However, if it interests you, give it a shot and see. Maybe you react well to it, or maybe you’ll lean up. If you can find good quality protein sources, it should be pretty awesome.


In all honesty the only carb i can handle is rice/Fruit/veggies (Unlikited portions really). Bread and pasta is a no go for my digestion/Stomach. Heck potatoes i can’t really handle either

I like that analogy. As of yestersay I’ve put junk food on the same level as bad drugs. I don’t need it and its just a money grab/useless for the body.

I think i’m going to give it a try. The only issue i see is getting in enough calories. how do you do this yourself?


No secret beyond you have to eat a lot of meat. It just becomes your new paradigm. I also like cottage cheese and greek yogurt for protein sources, protein powder is fine, certain nuts are good. Eggs are cheap too. Make sure you get in a lot of veggies as well.

For more calories, I’ve taken to using heavy cream in my protein shakes. I learned you need SOME milk, because otherwise the cream will just saturate the powder and turn into cake, but a little cream goes a long way.

Find cheap protein sources that you can make big batches of. Ground beef, chicken, turkey, etc. If you can get steaks, awesome, but otherwise, look for the cheap cuts. Slow cooker goes a long way.

I forgot that a thought I came up with in my insane ramblings is that I want to look like an animal that eats a lot of other animals, rather than an animal that eats a lot of plants, haha.


I love meat. The rest is no issue either


I’ll definitely do this. The only meat i eat is ground beef already but I’ll start looking out for specials also

That’s a good way of putting it. I expect this to be very tough considering I’m addicted to carbs like jon mentioned in that quote you posted earlier. I want my body to be a fortress so I’ll do whats necessary. If my body responds well then this will be my new diet lifestyle.


You guys have access to roo. It’s a very lean meat…


Eat at a Jack in the Box at in the US and you can get it too, haha.


Roo aint cheap…


new diet

Greek yogurt, Nuts, Protein etc. Foods from the list. Fruit too but thats it for carbs. Training days I’ll have fruit pre workout and dextrose intra workout for carbs.

Nuts,Protein shake with cream or normal protein shake with water, Greek yoghurt,Cottage cheese, tinned tuna/Fish etc, ham which is on the deep water diet list Etc

Meals: 1kg of meat total per day, 1kg of veggies total (From the deep water diet list,theirs a nice selection). Probably will have one for lunch and one for dinner. I’ll add olive oil to meals per usual. I’ll see how this goes for now


Hope it works well for you. Don’t forget about eggs too.


I despise eggs. Alot of creative ways to put eggs in stuff/Cook though so i won’t rule them out entirely. I dont mind boiled eggs so that’s a good snack


today’s training/deload squats

Warmup: it band foam roll,Abductors foam roll, Glute release with cricket ball, Reverse hypers.

ssb Squats
Squats in my new loaded lifting knee sleeves a.k.a my final Christmas present to myself lol. Squats felt great. Knee sleeve quality is awesome and they’re nice and tight. Sizing was spot on

3×1 paused 100kg

@mortdk walkout slowly improving.

3×8 bulgarian spit Squats left leg. Form sucks so worked on that, made sure not to go to deep. Think i need something lower. Bench is too high

Reverse hypers with bodyweight

Felt good. Focused on form and not just swinging the weight. Also squeezing glutes at the top as well as bracing during the movement.


Today be testing my willpower… earlier saw choc chip cookies in the cupboard and then arrived home from the gym to KFC. Somehow resisted.


I ate it almost exclusively for two years.

It is a hell of a lot cheaper than beef if you can compare it to the lean cut

The caveat is that unless you’re buying and cooking the fillets, which are delicious, the mince tastes like SHIT. There are mass produced kangaroo meatballs, burger patties and sausages that are quite taste, however


I’ll have a look around, the kangaroo mince I’ve seen is more expensive than beef mince though


I think that’s because you’re comparing regular beef mince to regular kanga mince. I’m just going to use Coles prices in Brisbane for a second:

  • Coles Regular Beef Mince: $7/kg, 83% lean, 217kcal/100g
  • Macro Meats Kangaroo Mince: $9-10/kg, 98% lean, 100ish kcal/100g
  • Coles Premium Beef Mince: $16/kg, 95% lean, 112kcal/100g

So kangaroo mince is much cheaper than the bovine equivalent, given its low-fat content. Same deal with steaks too, kangaroo fillets are like $18-20/kg, beef fillets are usually $30+/kg


Eh. I’d still rather normal mince since it’s cheaper and has more calories.


Which makes perfect sense, given your goals


It’s alot harder to get calories in on a high fats and low carb vs high carb and low fats diet. Plus the fattier mince is good to get more fats in. Jon anderson says you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time whilst doing the deep water diet protocol so we’ll see.