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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



I love Jumping Rope, coming from boxing into weightlifting I kept it as my warm-up. It helps get my HR up depending on my pace and what type of skipping I’m doing. Also warms up my shoulders, arms and legs pretty well.
I usually do 3x3min rounds with a burst of 10-15 double unders at the end. That might be kinda tough starting out. Also it can get boring so I usually free style on the 3min rounds and switch between normal skips, single leg, side to side, front to back, all the different things you can do. It’s a frustrating thing to learn at first because its gonna slap your legs arms and get caught on your feet so be patient with it.


Pasta and especially milk is ok.
Just don’t go overboard with pasta.
Milk is just plain stupid to drop, unless you’re allergic to it. Holds good protein, not that much sugar, vitamins and lots of calcium.
Btw good luck eating healthy.


Not for me personally, I feel all bloated and lethargic when i have pasta. Milk also clogs my nose up a tonne+ i feel yuck when i have it. Rice however i feel awesome on and digests well. Instead of milk I’ll have greek yoghurt since i seem to tolerate that plus its healthy.


It’s going to be tough… However I’ll just classify food as a bad drug. Junk Food elicits a response in the brain associated with happiness/Good feelings. It’s all a money grab and its not good for you so i don’t need it. If i want to perform/look/feel the best i can then no junk food. All the best athletes/Strongman i know do not eat junk food. Whether they’re 130kg or 95kg.


That’s a fair enough reason to avoid it :slight_smile:
Just don’t avoid it because one thinks it’s unhealthy


My favourite food is definitely pasta… lasagne, Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken carbanara etc etc :heart_eyes: just doesnt love me back :weary:


How does one hypertrophy tf out of the abs? I want to make my midsection bigger so my belt will fit better. I also want to develop that power/Strength midsection lol.


Pizza, burger, beer


Lol. I’m serious though. I’ve started to develop uge traps and my back muscles stand out whether I’m wearing a shirt or jumper and forearms so id like to build bigger calves, Glutes, quads, and delts. A thick chunky midsection so i can walk around shirtless at the beach and have that power look and take sexier selfies for my super hot girlfriend lmao.


Maybe some (gasp!) direct ab work?


This is the plan. I’m thinking besides ab wheel which i normally do add some weighted stuff in there as well as harder bw variations for hypertrophy rep ranges.


Ive started this too and I think it’s great as a warm-up. I’ve got no idea how much it’s helping my trash coordination, although I am slowly gaining the ability to do single-leg skips. I recommend.


I cannot jumprope to save my life!


I only started a few months ago. It’s surprisingly easy to learn, provided you do it regularly enough.


I gotta start. How did you progress it, since I’m assuming you were also unable to do jumps with it at first?


Yeah. The guide I found online recommended practicing “catching” the rope under my toes, instead of jumping over it. Getting good at this was honestly the hardest part. I think I moved on to normal skipping when I could do sets of 20 “catches” reasonably easily.


If your milk is like ours then it’s not very good. Our stuff is mass produced. Cows are fed things they weren’t meant to eat (like corn). Their body produces mucous like they have an infection. That mucous is passed on to us in their milk. Milk is bad for people with allergies or asthma. My wife and I avoid it.

Contrary to what the milk companies will tell you, you don’t need milk. Look at all the other mammals in the world. They stop drinking milk as they grow up.

Weighted sit ups. Anchor your feet under something, place a DB on your chest and do sit ups. Focus on using your abs instead of the hip flexors. Do heavy sets if 10. Do 21s style sets too (10 bottom/10 top/10 full).

AB machines are great. I don’t really like cable crunches because I’m not anchored and it’s tough to isolate the rectus abdominus.

This type of ab work is completely useless from a functional perspective but it will help you get your abs to grow which makes them more defined.

I used to put the 100 lb DB on my chest and do 3 x 10-12. I still throw them in occasionally but I’m only using the 80 these days.



Thank you I’ll start doing these



Try to pull your belly button to your spine as you crunch. It’ll help you develop that nice line down the middle of your abs.

I don’t recommend doing weighted oblique work though. If I do any resistance then it’s on the rotational movements and I try to be explosive on the concentric and slow on the eccentric.

I used to do weighted side crunches on the 45 degree back extension and it reduced my V taper into more of a rectangle.


I’ll second jump rope as well. Solid conditioning work and easy on your body. And you can do something like 10 over head presses, 10 pull ups and jump rope for the remainder of the minute or whatever and that type of shit will get you in shape fast.