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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Hapy new year!


U too mark!


Happy 2019 and Let the Gains Begin!!!.


Same to you man!! This is our year


@bigjez did that glute thing with the cricketball ×2 today. Definitely helps. Still tightness in my hip/left hip flexor/psoas that wont go away


Hey, I just took a couple months off, I’m not gone!


Keep at it
And then reposition it on the outside of the glute




Training thoughts
It’s deload week and i missed mondays and tuesdays session. Sister came to stay so that’s fine.

Moving forward my conditioning sucks and so does anything athletic like footwork etc and that’s bad for strongman. i think on upper body days I’ll add a 10minute conditioning portion. I’ll do fun stuff but include some kind of cone/ladder drills for speed and agility. Also something for mobility. I need to improve/do conditioning and i will never bother to do it, so if i make it a necessity in my training i will do it. Also for abs/core i need to focus on training that more so I’m thinking lower body/event days do stuff for my abs/core during my warmup. I’m tired by the end of my session and i can’t be bothered to superset abs with squats or something.

Conditioning/mobility stuff:

Giant set rounds for conditioning/Working on stuff

Overhead squats for mobility or something like a waiters walk for core/Shoulder stability. Or something like a deadbug or turkish get up etc

Agility drill

Shoulder health exercise like facepull or pull apart/scarecrows etc

Ski erg

Rope climb

Do the focus required stuff first, and then smash out the conditioning stuff. Rest and repeat. I could change it up so thursday has different movements so i dont get bored too.


Eliminating bread,Pasta, Milk and junk from my diet. It makes me feel like shit and my body doesnt like it. At the gym you don’t waste your time doing bosu ball squats to get strong do you? So why eat shit is what i should ask myself. Just because i see donuts or cookies or something doesn’t mean i have to eat it. I should have some self control for god sakes and not be such a pussy. Time for operation super clean bulk


My body loves it. It holds onto pieces of it as long as it can :joy:


Gonna keep you accountable for this



I’m going to make a list of snacks that are healthy and some high calorie and eat yhat as well as my normal meat+rice+veg and avoid all junk. I find if i eat alot of super clean food i feel alot better+ better gym performance as well as better energy levels. Also i actually put weight on better if I’m constantly eating clean foods. If i go off the rails like i have been it’s super hard for me to gain weight. I be like “i ate this junk food, it has high calories so I’ll gain weight.” Having shitty foods with high calories doesnt make up for not eating enough.


Absolutely. Eating shit just leads to feeling like death and decreased performance


Indeed man. I’m just spinning my wheels if my diet is shit


Agreed… I eat healthy and shit *hides KFC


Reading this as I eat sloppy joes/manwhiches lol


My favorite stuff to do before workouts is ladder drills and jump rope, whether it be normal skips or double unders.


Lol… todays like my fuck healthy food day before i go on this healthy af diet lifestyle. I had maccas for breakfast and then i just had a sausage roll and large bag of potato chips


Jump rope eh? Do you feel that helps alot? I’ll probably include it as conditioning if it does. I would do that kinda stuff before my workout but i have enough stuff to do during warming up+ i dread warmups and i just want to get into the lifting