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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Made Crispy skin salmon with beef ravioli for dinner :ok_hand:






Happy new year duke


Happy new year!


Happy New Year Young Duke.
Have been busy so just caught up on your log.
Speaking of goals
I would be realistic and SMART.
I’m old I don’t put on very much each year…
A Young Duke might be able do more than us older guys, but a 300 kg DL and a 140 kg OHP is a tad high I think.



Happy new year!


140kg Strict Ohp is insane. Most high level powerlifters are in that range.
A 300kg deadlift is possible but not by a 200 pound 16 year old. Thats triple bodyweight!
But the deadlift seams more possible to achieve for you then the Ohp.


I dont have those genetics though lol

I did say 100kg strict press, the others were 140kg log press and 140kg axle clean and press. In strongman overhead press is geting the weight overhead anyway you want. Strict, push press, power jerk, split jerk. Just get it overhead lol. Also you missed this part like everybody else:


That kid probably weighs 675


Couple of points to make. First of all he is tall and heavy. Also genetically gifted for deadlifting. Third point is that he used straps. Last point is that his form will someday break his back.


Yeah but who want to sets themselves up for failure? Make a smart goal. Thats like me saying I want to bench 495 by the end of next year. I will know I have no chance of reaching that weight and wont push myself as hard as a result of that. Now if I say my goal is to bench 315 by the end of next year Ill push myself much harder because I know that while my goal is possible, I have to work hard for it.




So…? That doesn’t take away from the lift being impressive

He rounded his upper back. Plenty of lifters do so safely

That is your opinion. That’s now how i think

Personally if i set big goals then i will do what i can in order to achieve them- even if i cannot achieve them in ashort time frame it doesn’t matter. I will push myself to get stronger and stronger towards that goal. Whereas if i be like oh i want to add 10kg to my deadlift in a year i wont be as motivated plus my body wont have to get that much stronger. The mind is a powerful tool.

Either way you have to work hard


Yeah but the whole point of making a goal is to set an achievable target. How can you aim for something you cannot achieve?


The point of a goal is to have something to work towards. Doesn’t necessarily have to be achievable

Aiming for something to which i cant achieve raises the limits of my mimd and body. Rather than limiting myself and setting a low goal I’ll push as much as i can to the seemingly impossible goal


He pulled 675 pounds off the ground and locked it out. Shit, I’d PAY to have his deadlift no matter what it looked like. Effort is effort man.


Happy new year bro. Good luck with your goals


Happy New Year Duke


Im ded lol