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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition



Maybe the point is just to be so strong that nothing is slow off the floor lol

So you’re planning to just pick up stones to your lap a lot then?


Jesus :confused:

I see it alright :expressionless:

Yep. 100% agree.


I’m just slow all together. I have zero explosiveness lol

Maybe. For now I’ll do normal reps to a higher height and try to be as explosive as possible and explosive stone to shoulder (Stone to shoulders you have to be explosive or it doesnt work) as well as stone extensions.
I’m thinking one day heavier and one day DE work will work good.


Don’t get discouraged! We’ve found an “issue” or “weakness” to fix and move on from, rather than train Around for years.

Check out this cool, relevant quote from an old composer.

Right now, you don’t have control/awareness of your pelvic tilt. Because your pelvis moves during your lifts, you can’t really lock in your tightness or “brace.” Alpha says bracing is the most important thing, and figuring it out was the 1 thing that allowed him to make the most progress. Once you figure this out, you’re Golden.

Anyway, think of that front squat, and your deadlift. If you’re out of position at the bottom of the squat, you’re also probably going to be in bad tilt or out of position at the bottom of the Deadlift. This is why you’re having trouble. Lots of our bros hanging around on TNation have this same problem. Think of all the dudes who Excessivley round their backs (or even excessively arch their lower backs) then pump their hips and use speed to rip the bar off the floor and try to “jerk” their way through the beginning of the Deadlift. Some of those guys pull over 500.

Back to you, what’s up with Your hips? Its possible that you have some tight muscles (deep hip flexor muscles) that are tight and restricting your hips. And effecting your posture.


Watch this video. Starrett talks about restricted hips and the pelvis tilt. He shows a couple moves to loosen up the tight psoas. I’m not 100% sure about the band stretch, but all the stuff with the ball is cool.

Check that out and see if it makes sense.


Definitely need to figure this out. I honestly feel like I’mstronger than i am right now if that makes sense. It’s like I just cant move the bigger weights because of being jacked up.

Definitely me. I thought it was because of being weak off the floor (Deadlift) but that’s stupid considering im weak all over. I’m weak off the floor because of that

From the diagram it looks like you’re 100% right. I had worse apt and I’ve made it alot better through sleeping on my back and some other stuff but it’s like theres always been a missing piece of the puzzle. [quote=“FlatsFarmer, post:2751, topic:238440”]
Watch this video. Starrett talks about restricted hips and the pelvis tilt. He shows a couple moves to loosen up the tight psoas. I’m not 100% sure about the band stretch, but all the stuff with the ball is cool.

I’m going to bed but I’ll check that out in the morning and let you know if it makes sense


**Todays training. Grip/Biceps/Forearms

Alan thrall shoulder warmup band thingy @FlatsFarmer this video that you linked in your log was awesome!
It burned alot and was kinda hard. Made my shoulders feel great! I’m going to do this everytime I’m in the gym!

Wide neutral grip pullups
4×4 these were hard af

Double overhand axle holds
90kg ×10 seconds
×10 seconds
×18 seconds


Ez bar cable curl

Axle curls 2×8
These dont feel good. Dont like them

Have this app called CNS tap and you just tap your screen as much as you can. The better your score the better your cns is and the lower the more worn out you are. I’ve been averaging 30 during my deload week but post workout i got 35. This means It activated/fired up my nervous system (Easy session really, it’s also what i want to achieve on a sunday besides grip training). I’m willing to bet post session on tuesday (lower body) it will be under 30 due to fatigue from that session. Interesting stuff. I’d recommend it


Do you have any videos that are less complex for now? I don’t even know where the psoas is located to even dig the ball into it


I just downloaded it to see the fuss, average 39,tired with a headache.
I’ll have to do some reading about this this thing


I thought it would be a load of shit but it’s actually pretty cool. Have been using it for a few weeks now and i noticed before my deload, as time went on and i got more and more fatigued my score decreased.


Where’s the info backing this method up mate? And how long because I got like around 80 (lol) in 10 secs


I use the 5 second one so i donno. Everyones going to get a different score but if you keep track of it you’ll notice a trend. E.g am score vs pm score etc. I saw it recommended on a powerlifting group on facebook by a bunch of people so i don’t know if theres any studies or someshit. It’s a new app/ thingy so idk. Just try it out and see


kk. It’s surprisingly fun lol.

My nervous system is sexier than yours get rekt


All the info @Guineapig :



Lol download the 5 second one and we’ll see


I can last twice as long too 10 second master race


I ain’t paying for shit


Don’t worry too much about the super fine details right now Duke. Just think about the upper body warm up junk you did. Basically some controlled moves to hit small muscles and focus on proper movements. It burned to hit the small muscles and it was hard to do those small, light basic motions. But then your shoulders moved a little smoother and your big lifts felt a little better.

The same thing could be going on with your hips. You just need some easy, little stuff to make the big lifts smoother. Like a few dead bugs to get good pelvic tilt, some clam shells to hit glutes and maybe some leg curls or something.

You’ve mentioned 1 leg being “stronger” than the other, or not being able to use all your power. If one leg or one hip is a little tighter, or not as mobile as the other your body could “favor” or “protect” the bad side by leaning to the good side. This could make you kind of crooked, and make it feel like your 2 sides aren’t doing the same thing.

Try out a few hip moves. Maybe work through the Limber 11, or maybe try an Alan Thrall lower body video. See what burns and what is tough. Then jump on the belt squat machine and see if the little moves made you feel looser and if your squat feels tighter. The belt squat machine is supposed to be Great for this kind of stuff.


This is exactly the issue man. I videod swuats from the front and you could really see the favouring of one side, since then I’ve been trying to alown the eccentric down to help with hip shift but I’ll film a video just for you.

I’ll have a look around on alan’s channel and that limber 11. So far I’ve discovered foam rolling my it band helps alot too. Also squat holds with a band

I dont know if my glutes is an issue, i dont have poor mmc or anything. I can bounce my glutes like i can with my pecs. I think the apt wouldn’t help with squatting and deads and glute activation though

I was very surpised at how hard it was. “It’s just band shoulder warmup mobility stuff, it’ll be no problem.” Haha not like that at all.

I need to get on top of my body stuff now, because i cant be an elite strongman and get strong as fuck when I’m fucked up from getting injured


todays training
Absolute shit show. Worst training session I’ve ever had

Alan thrall shoulder warmup
Lol those little muscles are so weak and pathetic after this my shoulders were fried
Band squat holds with ankle release
Upper back and IT band foam rolling

Daily deads. These were ok today. Need to keep arms straight. I’m kind of getting annoyed/hating these. It makes my warmup take forever (loading plates, carrying plates, getting out bar, putting stuff away+ warmup reps + daily dead reps)

log cleans
10 mins emom 3 reps. Log clean form is shit. Belt kept slipping because i cant make it tight enough (its on the lowest holes) i dont have a drill so I’ll have to find someone to drill it. Also stupid squishy tire kept messing with the log. It took me 30 minutes to complete ( i did 5 sets in 5 minutes then slowly did the rest, i got extremely angry bte)

Also, I cant seem to rack the log properly. I know its something to do with elbow positioning before the clean and + not leaning back enough during the clean or some shit. help guys pls??? @T3hPwnisher i might have to give the emom a miss for now. Since its taxing on conditioning my form gets worse and worse as the sets go on. It’s bad enough already so i need to figure this out

axle strict press
I was gassed/dead from the cleans. I also exhausted all my energy on being extremely rage whilst doing log cleans

Work set×2 reps
Was supposed to be 2 reps +1 rest pause for three sets

Set ×2
Couldnt even get one rep


Yeah so didnt finish the session, skipped rows too. This was shit


No worries man. Everyone has a shit sesh every now and then. Doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things.