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Rise Of The Slaya 2019 - Strongman Edition




I try not to think about it in terms of limiting me in my training, plenty of people have worse. Its just annoying as hell. I’m aware of it alright.

Like assistance?


combine unbalanced with heavy weights and become more unbalanced :confused:




Possibly. There was a guy asking about doing those while he had a broken arm and most people seemed to agree that it might just lead to imbalances. Sounds like a viable way to overload your weak side to me. I’ve never tried them so I can’t say for sure how they feel or how they will work.


I probably wouldn’t do them. My left trap is already like double the size of my right so it would make that worse


I was kind of freaking out over nothing. My back has started feeling like shit in the last week because I’ve deloaded and been lazy asf. School keeps me active and i do alot of walking. I’ve noticed that i feel all stiff and then my back,hips and neck etc feel trash. Today i walked around heaps with my mates and guess what! My body felt alot better. I’m going to start doing alot more walking now, although I’m not at school.


Oh my god I’m so stupid @strongmanbrett. The squatting so far on cube has been easy as hell and light so i hate the fuck out of it, but i just had a look at the whole thing in detail, and the lighter work is to prepare for the heavier work as the weeks go on correct? Im excited for the heavier work.


Yeah basically, things should get fairly heavy towards the end of the program.


Very nice


You’re very young I would be surprised if you have anything to worry about. Just keep training and adding size and strength and worry about that stuff when you are over 40.


Yeah, sometimes i just need to chill out!


Lest we forget



Man, what the fuck were you doing wrong? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The destructive duo: Bad form and Bad programming.


Lol same. When i first started I used to do constant one rep maxes on smith machine squats and deadlifts, dumbell presses, lat pulldowns,chinups. Everything etc like a dumbo :joy:


That would do it. I’m glad you got it fixed up.


Feeling better
Only trained twice this week. Feeling fresh and ready for next training cycle. I feel alot better than my other deloads. I think my CNS was really fatigued from school and life stress+ training…


woah… Rogue is now offering 50k to whoever puts up 500kg on the deadlift or more at the arnolds. If the record breaks, do you think eddie will come back? also who do you guys think will beak the record? thoughts @T3hPwnisher @flipcollar @theonecamko @strongmangoals @Koestrizer @strongmanvinny2 @density_tcd @bigjez @anyone else


I think JF Caron, Jerry Pritchett and Thor probably have the best shot at it.


I don’t think anyone will get it, at least not someone who want to compete and do well in the other events. Eddie prepared for that 500kg specifically and even then it took a big toll. Can’t see it going up again any time soon.