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Rise Of The Slaya 2019- Next Strongman Comp prep and fixing my hip

in for new log

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Il just give you guys a runover of how il be eating. Dinner and breakfast varies day to day but always a good meal at dinner and breakfast is either cooked like eggs or its just toast and cereal. Example last nights dinner was some pork and rice dish.
Iv lost almost 7kg since not lifting.

As you know i have to eat alot to gain weight and im constantly hungry af and tbh eating gets annoying but its fine. Yesterday i trained for the first time in nearly 2 months and did some bench, barbell rows and pullups nothing worth mentioning.
Today i ate;

×5 eggs and ×4 buttered pieces of toast
500mls of milk

1 muesli bar ×2 ham,chicken,salami, salad rolls

Choc chip muffin
×2 Rolls same as recess

Big plate of rice and pork leftovers
A few slices of Watermelon

Snack 1 muesli bar,500ml milk

Dinner. I eat whatever is served but multiple plates and my mates give me what they cant eat

Today was Grilled chicken breast and salad. I had 4 chicken breasts (including mates) with two plates half full of salad.

Theres either dessert or supper later if im hungry il have that.


So… you ate your mates… who were stuffed into chicken breast. Well gains are gains I guess

How much weight do you have access to. Like what’s the most you can load up onto the bar


well what else are mates for :joy:

I have to count but im pretty sure there’s six 10kg plates and a bunch of 5’s. Im going to order some plates i think.

Theres three barbells but they’re all 10kg ones with not much space for weight. Id say most i could load up with all the plates on is 60-70kg which is plenty good enough for gains if i be smart about it.

Theres also one adjustable dumbell i can use too. Plus like some 2-4kg ones.

It’s enough for curls lol

Would plates or a cheap barbell be better?

Barbell is 100-200 for cheap shit ones and they weigh 20. So that’s another 10. And they have room for all the plates so that’s like 140+ kg

Maybe join a sport team and convince the coach or your teammates or their parents or get a fundraiser going to get together $200

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@guineapig i might have to go have some more mates chicken breast cos im hungry again already.

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Don’t just get fat again dude. Slow bulk

At Iron Revolution now I have sexy shit but before then it was all Australian Barbell Co barbell and plates and tbh all the sexy stuff I have now wasn’t much of a step up. I can only speak for the quality of that brand because that’s all I’ve used consistently but I think it’s a few hundred $$$ out of your price range unless you got some cash lying around or can get some crazy fundraising going.

Or start a go fund me here. If these internet people support you enough to drop 5 dollars each then you golden I think… depending on how many friends you have here because mostly people just seem to roast you these days

Might as well just get the whole package unless i just buy a few 20’s. Will probs buy a barbell tho and cheap plates.

You recommend KFC😏? Nah thats true Man il be watching the mirror and taking pics and im getting some scales this weekend to track weight. If fat comes on too fast then il reduce food/ or add in exercise and go from there.

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Time for Gymshark sponsorship?

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You could just ask the school if they have any funds that could buy a little extra stuff. Failing that a letter to the what ever local authority the school comes under may also help. As my dad once said, you don’t ask you don’t get.

You ugly though…

Also everyone who donates get their name or something scribbled on the weight plates. I want GuineaPigBigDick

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Can’t hurt to try…but dunno about the chances


I want GIFs on the plates. I don’t know how that’ll work but I want it

EDIT: Maybe don’t buy new. Second hand tetanus action is always fun

I’ll see. Its a small Residential college (seperate to the school but its across the road) so i dont know how much funds are available. It wont hurt to ask tho like you said.

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Where’s a gym closing down sale when you need one

But i is sexy :frowning:

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Haters will say it’s photoshop



If you include a sob story you get more donations. Proven by science.

Also if you promise to stop being a little bitch on the forums in exchange for donations that’s at least 50 bucks lel

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