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Rise Of The Slaya 2019- Next Strongman Comp prep and fixing my hip

What does it make you if you can do both ?!

Hmmm :thinking:

Todays training
Piece of shit session, everytime I have one of these It makes me want to quit lifting. I injured my back when I was little (couldnt even walk when the pain flared up it was that bad) its healed mostly since then (Not crippling) but every now and then I get back pain in the same spot if I agitate it. Also my hips and back felt shit from yoke. This yoke is the biggest piece of shit. I refuse to use it. The good yoke before matt left (matts) felt good but this yoke rattles and the beam is too thin. It’s probably worth $50

Also For the last few weeks my right foot has been hurting in like the middle (top) of my foot and now it’s so bad I cant even do farmers or yoke. Bruising has started to appear as well. My foot literally started hurting for no fucking reason weeks ago

Back squats
100,105,115 ×5 felt like shit today. Don’t think my body liked squatting 2 days in a row

8 sets of 15m
Trash. Piece of shit fucking yoke

Shit because of foot. Just did farmers holds and picks with fatgripz. Worked up to 75kg per hand Fat gripz farmers pick

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are you following your coach program now?


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no fun with a bad foot. in strongman almost everything has to pass through the feet. wish you a speedy recovery, but maybe you must see some kind of shaman or whitchdoctor or something

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I think it’s from my shoe! My right foot is wider so the shoe isnt wide enough. My foot doesnt hurt as bad with shoes off


@FlatsFarmer what would be a respectable fat gripz farmers lift? I invented the exercise today and really liked it. I hit 75kg with more in the tank, I think it would be really cool if I could lift 100kg per hand with fat gripz

You sure you didn’t drop anything on it? It seems like a really odd place to feel pain without actually dropping something there.

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Yeah I didnt drop anything. It’s really weird

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Bruising in the foot out of nowhere? Possible tear maybe… you should get it checked out if possible.

Damn… well I havent been wearing shoes since yesterday and the pain has gone down alot so il see

It’s hard to say exactly, every Farmer’s implement is different, blah blah blah.

But 100 kilos on a fat handle would be a solid start. I’m sure the true Mastadons, huge strongmen with good grips would lift much more, so shoot for 120 to be safe.

Sometimes if my hips are tight it makes me walk funny and my foot gets sore. Maybe loosen up those hips!

Yeah my hips suck lol! Been doing mcgill big 3 alot lately which helps a bit. Need a trip to my massagist tho

Todays training
Good sesh

Front squats
100 ×5 easy reps

Rear delt swings

6 way shoulder raises ×10 straight into push press ×10

5 rounds
3kg dumbells and 50kg on the push press.

Lat pulldowns 5×20

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Just an interesting thought:

A couple of guys I’ve been paying a lot of reading/listening time to seem to agree that flexibility isn’t maintained if not also trained with activation/stability

An example for hips that Jordan Shallow gives is to follow up hip mobility with some bodyweight bulgarian split squats, Cossack squats, Single-Leg RDL’s, forward Lunges or deep active goblet squat holds (not all, only 2-3)

So far my hips personally have been feeling really great by doing this, maybe Chuck it into your warm up and see how you feel?

il give it a try!

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today’s training
@j4gga2 liking the warmup thing you told me. I really like doing goblet squats but with a plate and hold the plate forward at the bottom, leaning side too side seems to loosen up the ankles and hips real good.

emom circus dumbell
I dont have one so I use fat gripz on a dumbell.

35kg 10×1

Back squats
5 second eccentric
90kg 4×5
No hip shift today which was great.

Incline dumbell rows
2×10 30kg

External rotators 2×15

Back was feeling better until I slipped (slid) when walking and like shocked it. Oh well lol. Will keep up the mcgill big 3 which helps majorly along with some other stuff like glute bridges

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Great news mate! That plate variation you’re talking about is a favourite of Dr Horschieg from squat university. Hope the good results stay with you :+1: