Rise Of The Slaya 2019- Next Strongman Comp prep and fixing my hip

Hello all this is My second log here on T-Nation. After almost a 2 month forced hiatus from the gym and losing 5-7kg I’m back and getting into the groove of things at “College”///My new school.

Still participating in the Transformation 18 challenge so just gaining back some of the old strength/ muscle that i lost over the last two months ( however limited it was already). Should come back quickly enough and hopefully add some additional size to what i was carrying before and do well in the challenge.

Memes/Gifs/chitchat is welcome here. see yall around!


Ha my log is superior now

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Glad to hear you had a good first day and will be following along to see you learn, grow and have some fun along the way.

Pls rename to revenge of the slaya


Your logs nothing but a guineapig that eats butt


Well played sir

Now Witness the Force of the Photoshop god, Such powaa that you cant even look me in the eye


Yeah it was a wicked first day thanks for being here man!

Hey Duke
Great to hear you’re doing good.
I’m in for The Rise :slight_smile:

EDIT: OH love the Avatar

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Glad to hear your first day went well, good luck with your studies and gainz. Ill be following religously

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Good luck, Duke! I’m a little jealous. This reminds me of college - - go to class for a few hours, lift for a few hours, eat, relax, repeat. Those were the good ol days.

Now it’s all wake up early, take care of the kids, work most of the day, lift for an hour at some point, more feeding the kids, bath & bed time for the kids, relax and realize I’m tired at 8pm, go to bed, repeat.

College was way more fun. I was broke AF but I didn’t care.


You started a war you cannot win.
I release the full power of the adobe package onto you:


That feeling when Joey Wrestling misspells your name.


Shit! My bad. I will now wear the name “Joery Wrestling” With proud.

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In for this

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Well done for keeping the chin up through a rough time mate.
Great name for the new log!!!


Just saw the classes you are taking at the new school. They look perfect for you. Keep as much focus on business, math and English as you do on the physical Ed classes and I can see you going very far my friend. Kill it Duke!


Poor quality / 10 lel

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Like the new avatar… in for the new log…


Alright sonny, I’m ready for you to get ripped @duketheslaya

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@mortdk @theonecamko @I_Luc @MarkKO @cdmac24 @Frank_C @Irishman92 thx guys welcome to my new log!

Credit to @khangles @joerywrestling for inspiring the avatar.

@muskratlifts shredded as fuarkk welcome back sir

Damn dude so much responsibilities :hushed: I will just Enjoy my time here. Im not looking forward to leaving lol.