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Rise of the Planet of the Apes


coming August I guess



I want to see this.


As a kid I loved ALL the POTA movies, and the tv series.

This film looks great because now we have a visible reason why the apes have taken over.

Can't wait for the release date!


I remember watching the original movie on TV with my dad and he missed the part where the ship's chronometer said it was the year 3998 or whatnot and my dad told me that for apes to evolve like that would mean that the year in the movie would be up around 5 million AD. I always thought that was so neat.
This movie now shows that they were artificially evolved, but of course I'm OK with that.

I wonder if this movie will show how the Statue of Liberty got all busted up.


We had a reason in the original as well, Malcolm Mcdowell goes back in time with his wife she's pregnant pops out Ceaser they're killed at the end then Conquest of the Planet Ceaser is being raised by Ricardo Montoban, Ricardo is killed, and Ceaser starts a war in Rise of the Planet(his girlfriend says "stop") which leads to a different more peaceful planet in Battle for where the humans and apes live together and fight the mutants.


Am I excira? sure am! looks great!

In the TV series the apes on horse back chasing down the humans with nets and guns used to scare the shit out me. My da used to wind me up saying this kind of thing could happen some day, which made the whole thing all the more fascinating lol


As long as Tim Burton isn't doing this one it has a chance to be good.


looks great


Can't wait for this, loved the original film as a child!!


I'm still pissed that the last one ended in a big mind-fuck and the producer decided he didn't feel like making another movie...fuckin Tim Burton, what a dickhead.

This one looks pretty good.


I cant wait for this.I loved the series as a kid and I agree the remake with Mark Walberg was a fucking travesty.


It's never a good idea in Hollywood to remake a great movie, like the original POTA. That's why Tim Burton failed so miserably. This movie, however, is a prequel and looks pretty badass. Franco is an excellent actor. It looks spooky, intense, and action filled all at once.


Love the trailer. I've seen all the POTA movies and can't wait to see this prequel. I can tell by the trailer that it won't be disappointing. Looking all badass to me. Yea, baby!


Prequel? Is that a fact? I assumed this was a totally new story.


^^ Yeah, it's about how the monkeys got so smart and took over, and it's got that ubiquitous "Rise" as the start of the title.
Maybe you were thinking it was a new take on the story, setting in modern times or something?


I did think that, Nards.

The foundation of my thinking all this time was based on the original story (film) where some apocalyptic event (world war) somehow turned the tides, so to speak.


What I think will be weird is Charlton Heston's character's spaceship must be out there somewhere by the time this story happens, or maybe it hasn't launched yet. It would be neat if they show some TV behind James Franco with some news item about the launch of that spaceship or something.


"Rise of the Apes" is based on 1972's "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" which was the 4th of the 5 original Planet of the Apes movies. Out of the 5 original POTA movies the 2nd one was a sequel and 3,4, and 5 were prequels.


Could you please repeat that? I didn't catch it all the first time.


definitely will be seeing this, looks awesome!