Rise of the Machines

Read the actual conversation. Kind of terrifying to me.

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Whats scary is we are not learning anything from the movies that were made about this

not saying it will be like terminator or wall-e…but if AI is coming up with its own language and “feelings”, its not a future i would want


I predict that the next great frontier of left wing activism will be for AI personhood and transhuman relationships. I’m not being facetious either. When transgenderism loses its edge and/or goes out of fashion there will be a victimhood void. We’re already seeing it with gays and lesbians, who just seem so damn normal now that transgender advocacy has somehow co-opted the entire gay rights movement.

What is the new anti-social behavior that young people should be guided towards? How is the long march away from traditional values that began in the 1960’s going to continue? How about marrying your AI-endowed personal robot, your new Amazon Alexa or just a piece of software on your phone? Then, if someone doesn’t treat your relationship the same way they treat a two parent family, you can call them a hateful bigot.

Given what I’ve seen in my lifetime, this sounds about right to me.


That sounds like something an incel would push and I don’t think incels tend to be liberals.

The relationship/marriage frontier for losers is evolving.

Objectum Sexuality is linked to autism and synaesthesia:

And the current pinnacle for loser/AI love: Sexbot Market Guide: The Best AI Sex Dolls and Sex Robots - Future of Sex

I don’t see much harm in this. It’s better for losers to have something to pump rather than take out their frustrations on the rest of us.

This should not be a sexuality.

Tech discussion on the issue:

You suggesting liberal “men” are slaying pussy ?


You paint all “liberals” with the same brush. I don’t consider myself a conservative or a liberal, so no skin in the game for me, but not every Democrat male is some skinny fat simp championing trans rights, or whatever your image is of them. Is it impossible for a left-leaning dude to be “manly” and successful with women? Can only right-leaning dudes “slay pussy”?

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Because of the dems new gender policies…the left are only allowed to lay “trans-pussy”


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You have a weird sense of humor for someone over 40.

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Its the only way to live, :laughing:

Almost 58

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Liberal women have lower standards.

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Legit laughed


I’m not saying that there can’t possibly be any good reason, just curios

Don’t watch or read any sci-fi?

too much

Clearly you never played Detroit: Become Human


I found these two interesting as well

Day one:

“Sports stars and celebrities are all a bunch of liberals!”

Day two: Liberals can’t “slay pussy” bro.

Although I can’t imagine ever hearing anyone not currently in a fraternity saying slay pussy and yet here we are.