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Rise and Rise Again!

Hey everyone! I just signed up earlier today and have been hooked on all of the articles and people’s journals. What an inspirational group :slight_smile: I love the whole concept of a figure athlete… I think it’s absolutely perfect for what I’m yearning for.

A little bit about myself…

I am 25 years old, a Certified Personal Trainer, and owner of a Fitness studio in St. Petersburg, Florida – I basically run 10-15 Boot Camps per week and have 1-on-1 clients and speciality groups like: Brides-to-Be & Mommies-to-Be.

Earlier this year in Jan/Feb, I began feeling off… but I’m pursuing my Masters in Nutrition and running a business, so I always disregarded it as being tired and overworked. But then in April, within a two week span, I passed out twice. FINALLY- I went to my doctor, and he said: you got up too fast. Uhh, ok THANKS! NOT… Early May, I went to the walk-in-clinic after having the worst headache of my entire life. Doctor there ordered a CT scan and bam! Found that my cerebellum was herniating into my spinal column causing: fatigue, lightheadedness, headaches, loss of motor skills & beyond. Condition is called Chiari Malformation.

After appointments after appointments, I had brain surgery on September 1st, 2010. Hospital for 5 days, and bed rest for 3 weeks. As of 2-weeks ago, I was cleared for workouts again. Nuero said my progress is amazing, and that I showed great strength.

I had not touched a single weight, except to hand it over to a client for 10 months until 2 weeks ago and I am beyond thrilled to be back to MY OWN WORKOUTS! I love motivating my clients and getting them to push themselves to their maxx, but let me tell you, being back to my own workouts made all of the struggles this past year worth it. I have not had a single headache since the surgery. I still have a ways to go (as far as equilibrium issues, etc) but I could not be happier.

So the title… Rise and Rise Again… it means a lot to myself.

I WILL reach PRs, I WILL get back to my weight I was before, and I WILL surpass my body fat of 13% that I was before. <3

Lets get this thing goin’ <3

WOW. I can’t wait to follow your progress! That is a beautiful pic in your avi! What are your current goals? Will you be focusing mainly on bringing strength up right now or getting back conditioning?

You have a new fan in this guy! I’ll also be picking your brain on the CPT stuff. Just to give you a heads up. :wink:

you have a lot going for yourself!

What part of FL?(just curious!)
Your training bizz sounds super successful!!

That is one hell’uva story. Good to hear your recovery is going well. Good luck w/all your training.

Welcome Bekah! It sounds as if you have a lot of drive. You will be surpassing your goals and setting new ones before you know it!

Thanks for all of the support you all :slight_smile:


Owlie – I am working right now on conditioning. A year and a half ago, I was running 4-5 miles no problem, so I’d love to get back to my prime cardiovascular health. I did a 3-mile run the other day, it wasn’t pretty AT ALL, but I did it. Goals overall - myself and 3 clients of mine were looking to do a fitness competition in July 2011. I need to drop at least 10, maybe 15lbs of fat off of me, but I also need to get some lifting as well to build strength back up. I will be posting some of my workout techniques on here.

Beast – Thanks!! :slight_smile: And yes, ask away, I can give you any insights that you need.

mom-in-MD – I’m in St.Petersburg, Florida [near Tampa area]. Training biz is HARDWORK. But it’s worth it. I decided to get away from the mainstream gym scene, and I asked my parents for $1,000.00 start-up cash as a graduation from college gift [instead of a trip or traveling] & at the end of the summer, I had 15 solid clients so I decided to stick with it. It’s hard, especially with women, because we’re typically have such busy lives with kids, and work, etc… but I have a great group of clientele. Anywhere from ages 21 to 65.

print – Thanks for the GL :slight_smile:

Kineticj – Thank you for the post and support!

Today = REST DAY.


I did have a Bridal Boot Camp earlier this morning and it went well.
Great group of girls.

Many people ask “Do you just workout with the boot camp, or do you get in your own workout?”

When I was averaging 3-4 clients in a Boot Camp, I was able to workout along with the group because it just flowed that way. But when I get 10-12 clients to show up, it’s impossible for me to workout along with the group because I’m so busy getting everything set up for them to keep moving with little to no stops.

Sometimes it is VERY hard after a day of motivating others, to motivate myself, but the drive that I have now is awesome and as long as I stay focused, I can and will do this.

Here’s my breakdown of the week ahead:

Monday: AM cardio [Walk/run interval]; then an afternoon lifting sesh [Legs/Glutes]
Tuesday: Biceps/Back & Flow Yoga [helps with balance/equilibrium]
Wednesday: HIIT
Thursday: REST
Friday: AM cardio [Walk/run interval]; then an afternoon lifting sesh [Triceps/Chest]
Saturday: Legs/Glutes/CORE
Sunday: AM cardio [HIIT], Biceps/Back

As the week goes on, I will give you more insight to my actual workouts within those days.
I am open to critiques and beyond!


Looks like a busy week and that’s an awesome picture!

I’ll be following this, and looking forward to see your progress

Stay Motivated!

Hi and welcome. Sounds like you have had much to overcome–here’s to good health–and to getting it all back and more. Looking forward to following along.

Inkaddict & Nadia – Thanks for following! Look forward to breaking through my plateaus :slight_smile:

u are awesome.
that is all.
carry on.

Wow! You are amazing!

Congrats on pulling through some rough times. I can only see good things for you from here!

I’ll be following along!


AM workout: 2 mile run, 15 minutes on ARC trainer [interval setting]

PM workout: weights, legs/glutes

Smith Machine Squats_____
3 sets of 10 reps
Set 1: 115#
Set 2: 140#
Set 3: 140#
Tried to see what my highest weight would be comfortably and I was able to squat 175#
Goal: over 200#

20 Tuck Jumps

Walking Lunges_____
3 sets of 15 reps
40lb bar on shoulders

Curtsey Lunges_____
3 sets of 20 reps
30lb bar on shoulders

20 Burpees

5 sets of 10 reps
Set 1-5: 70lbs
Goal: Find max weight

Cable Resistance Pull (inner/outer thigh)_____
Using the ankle buckle
3 sets of 10 reps
10# of resistance

Cable Resistance Pull (knee-ups)_____
Back facing the machine and ankle buckle on, bringing knee all the way up to chest
3 sets of 10 reps
20# of resistance

20 Tuck Jumps

1-legged Squat_____
3 sets of 10 reps
Bar only ~40#

PICTURE: Continued shots of clients in our Photo Shoot

Stay motivated. All the best.

Uggh lunges! But wow you do great with them.

Killer workout, and every one of those ladies are hot!

You’re doing awesome!

[quote]Nadia Comeandeat wrote:
Uggh lunges! But wow you do great with them. [/quote]

Lunges kick my butt - but I know how great they are! Especially for toning and tightening! My lower body is heavier than my top, so if I could kick the s^#t out of my legs, then that will be the best way for them to tone and lean out :slight_smile:

[quote]inkaddict wrote:
Killer workout, and every one of those ladies are hot!

You’re doing awesome![/quote]

Thanks inkaddict! I appreciate it :slight_smile:
& yes, they are hot ladies. Most of the ones in the picture have lost anywhere from 20-30lbs+ & one is a mom too, so it just shows what hardwork and determination can do :slight_smile:

Nice work! hot ladies great workouts = …awesome!