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RIR Isn’t Liked by Paul?

Hey Paul,

Came across an old post about Jordan quitting the RIR style of training and I was wondering is this something you’re still against program wise? Instead of say doing sets of 8-10 and leaving 2 reps left you’d rather I go that full 10 reps as heavy and controlled as I can then up the weight/or reps the following session?

Likely because most people are terrible at gauging their RIR and they think they have 2 left when they have 5

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Agreed. RIR isn’t a newbie training method. I’ve seen it written that RIR is for ppl Who have been training 3-5 years. (Not by Paul) I could see that being the case as in that time you know what absolute failure feels like therefore knowing how to stop a bit short 1-2 reps. A true untrained newbie doesn’t need to worry about crap like that. Just do some straight sets week to week and add a little weight each week and beat previous numbers. (Or try)

I’ve used RIR method before and I felt like it was good. But I do think that I wasn’t always 100% accurate.

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