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Ripples in the wrong places...

All righty. I have thought long and hard about it and ultimately, I have decided it is bothering me enough to ask for some advisement. Here is the problem:

When I flex my tushie (acceptable under proposed new legislature), I get weird ripples in the bottom part towards the inner line of symetry (… my crack). I almost feel like an old lady with cellulose. I don’t know what exactly it is, but it drives me crazy. I don’t have excessive bodyfat, I chill between 6-8% without much of a problem, and I have devoloped basic muscles down there, but perhaps note enough.

I guess in short, I am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or is familar with it, and if so, how you corrected it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I would definately say you have an issue here.

Uhm… To Do List: Goodmornings, Glute/Ham raises, Sprints. Oh, and stop stairing at your ass in the mirror.

(Are you a stripper or something, why the fuck does it matter if your ass has some wrinkles?)

I guess I will just have to work in extra sets of GHRs and possibly Good Mornings. I already sprint 4 good sessions a week so I don’t know what more I would do.

As far as me staring in the mirror, it isn’t like I decided one day, hmm, I wonder what my ass looks like, but I happened to notice it and since then it has been bothering me. If/when I get it fixed, I am sure something else will strike me as unfit but until then…

As for the stripper question, eh, not quite.

6-8% on a woman is nigh impossible unless you’re an extremely serious BB.

There is some evidance that points to “saggy ass” in distance runners because of the constant abuse those muscles are hit with. Are your sessions long and drawn out or are they quick HIIT ones? If they are the long drawn out ones you might think of changing that up.

At 6’ 195 7% BF, I’m thinking this ain’t a woman… :wink:

I don’t think Sexy J is a woman… which almost makes this stranger…

No offense Sexy J


you have cellulose in your ass???
i think you are refering to cellulite, as opposed to the carbohydrate based plant product.

Pictures help.

Definitely not a woman. I keep my cardio to 30 mjnutes or less of HIIT, nothing long or drawn out. Yeah, I meant cellulite. I think I posted this after working on a biochem project, when you are on automatic pilot things happen :wink: