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Ripping Gel?

Anyone used Ripping Gel or Cutting Gel and did you like it or notice results? I’m pretty sceptical, but would like to hear from people who have TRIED it.

No offense, but I don’t think the average T-Mag reader is dumb enough to waste their money on that stuff; it’s garbage.

The shit is a ripoff. No fat burning ingredients in the bottle. All it does is shrink the fat cells a little but they are still there.

Just thought I’d let you know that when you burn fat, your cells are still there. They just shrink. When you gain fat, your cells will expand and multiply. The only to get rid of the fat cells is by liposuction.

Actually, I have read in a few places that it is possible to gain and lose fat cells up until the age of 20 or so. After that, lipo is the only way to get rid of them, and aside from that, they just shrink. So, people who were leaner as young people have a bit of an advantage, theoretically. Assuming that it’s true, that is. Hope this helps.

I know i worded that wrong. I know that shit doesn’t burn fat though. It only tightens the skin in that area applied by i think drawing water out of the cell. Not sure i used to know but can’t remember. Bottom line though is that it is a crappy product.Agree?

Nope, Ripping Gel will not burn fat - just act as a local dueretic. So if your retaining some water in the area you apply you can get a “temporary” effect of tightening/etc.

That said, if you want to locally rid yourself of water (not fat) Preperation H is much cheaper and works great. I apply some gel to my abs and “boom” no water retention, increased def. Lasts for only a day though - but than again Ripped/Cutting Gel only lasts for a day or two as well (at 5x the price).

Oh definitely agree! And I agree with everyone, and learned something new with being able to lose fat cells before 20? I didn’t know that. Any info on that subject would be great, I’d like to read up on it.

Okay, I look through my archives and I found the book. It does mention losing fat cells until about 19-20 It’s called “Breaking the Weight Loss Barrier” by Dr. Barry Simon. It’s kind of targetted at women, and it actually belonged to my mother. However, it did have some interesting infor in there, and the science was very sound. Not at all a “sheep” diet. Anyway, the subject of how much fat you can lose is addressed. I’ve read it other places, so I’ll try to find those and get back to you.

I thought he asked for comments from those “people who have tried it”, maybe nobody was paying attention. I have, cutting gel, it does. Thank you. On my 3rd bottle. It is designed to work on tough areas of your body where fat doesn’t seem to slim off, you can’t expect to slap it on a tub of lard, and sit in front of the tube with a bag of cheetos in one hand and remote in the other and expect it to help you. Git yer bunz to the mill and crank some sweat! Have a nice day.