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Rippetoe's Starting Strength, Ab Training?


I have been on the programme for 4 weeks now, yeah a short time.. i know.. the results on my upper and lower body are great! but.. in the middle (stomach) theres still flabby stomach.. what do you guys normally add in the programme to train the stomach??

100 - 200 crunches a day??
leg raise??
or do nothing at all.

for those who needs to know my diet..
4 pieces of wholemeal bread
3 tablespoons of peanut butter
1 tablespoon of jam

mid morning-noon snack
1 apple or orange or banana or almond nuts
1 protein whey drink

1 plate of rice with chicken curry with beef with vegetables
or 1 bowl of bolognese pasta

mid day
cottage cheese
6 rice crackers
1 serving of fruit

steak or chicken breast

either cottage cheese or almond nuts or yogurt with muesli and fruits

progress from the first day i trained in the rippetoe's programme, was 170 cm with 66 kg, now 70 kg. hmm thats good right? i been staying off carbs and eating healthy with 2 tablespoon of olive oil at most while cooking.


your stomach will always be flabby with a high body fat percentage.

if you want optimal results you are gonna need to have at least 12… more like 15% body fat as a beginner to gain more strength and muscle.

abs dont show till under 10%, probably even less for beginners.

as for your diet, noone will really know exactly how much you eat by posting it

but dont eat fruits at night, fruits are mostly for the morning and post workout.

post your calories/proteins/carbs(sugars)/fats per day, tahts better.

oh and you should kinda be happy for a flabby stomach. especially with some muscle it helps you from getting injured in squats and deadlifts

if you still want however to gain muscle for abs(which isnt really necessary imo if you are doing rippetoes) you can do crunches/situps with a dumbbell. do something like 3*10 with whatever weight you reach near failure. also look up russian twists, start without any plates/dumbells on that one. also do some good mornings maybe even just with the barbell at the start, they are a pretty dangerous exercize if done wrong.

but all of these really arent necessary unless you feel that your abs give out on you during squats and your back rounds.


[quote] lordstorm wrote:
abs dont show till under 10%, probably even less for beginners.[/quote]

This is why you think you’re flabby in the waist.

There’s no solution but to lose fat. Crunches and other midsection exercises to not deliver a 6-pack. Only dropping bodyfat does.

Gaining 4 kg in 4 weeks is good progress. My first question is whether or not it’s all or mostly muscle, but then I realized you’re still 70kg. Keep lifting, keep eating, good progress, and don’t worry about cutting until next year.


thanks for the reply about the abs peeps!! cleared my doubts about the programme.

wow next year?? i thought we are supposed to change the rippetoe’s programme to something else by the forth month or something.

1 question, at what point should i start cutting?? at 90 kg or something??

by the way thanks for the great help, Otep for recommending this programme, in my 2 years of gym, i have never felt my muscles growing so sweetly and to see my weight increase by 1kg every week without any noticeable fat(i am guessing this are mostly going to muscle growth), i think this is what they call beginner gains… can’t imagine how I would look like 1 year later…mmm


noone can tell you when to start cutting, it’s a personal taste thing… when you’re size you want to be, go for another month-3 months, then cut.


also… maybe another gauge when to start cutting…

When you feel FAT.


The phrase is “you can’t spot reduce”.