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Rippetoe With Cardio ?

Hey guys.
My main goal for the time being is fat loss currently at 24% but i need to get my strength up so i can get my lifts up.

Is it okay to do rippetoe’s 3 days per week, cardio for an hour 3 days per week and rest on sunday ??

Is that okay ?
If so what cardio should i be doing ?

I’m on rippetoes, and i do swimming as my cardio twice a week.

how are you finding it ?
with fat loss , strength gains etc

I’m curious about the same: I’m eating well, but my gut’s ballooning. Might be overeating a bit for my size (5’6", 160ish) at 2800-3000 calories, so I wanted to toss in some cardio.

Anyone? Thanks.

It’s hard to lose weight on Rippetoe. You need to eat in order to support the strength gains. Try Tabata’s or barbell complexes, either after your workouts or on alternate days. You don’t need long sessions of slow cardio every time, maybe once a week is you do the high intensity work 2 or 3 times.

anyone else on cardio for rippetoe