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Rippetoe, Slap in the Newbie Face


I've gone from the 165 to 205 since october. Prolly around 20% bf now, was eating about 4500 with the help of mutant mass. Where do i go from here, keep bulking or cut


shred those abzzz!!!!


Depends really mate. What your goals are... Importantly though how tall are you? 205 looks a lot different on a 6'5 frame compared to say 5'7 like me.


Pic would be of assistance. How much did your lifts improve?


A newbie should see no or at least no more than a SLIGHT increase in bodyfat going from 165 to 205. Unless your squats and dead poundages increased dramatically doing starting strength, I'd say you did nothing more than get fat.


I would say start cutting and then bulk again come October. You have put on a lot of weight already but I guess it just depends on what your goals are.


squat 405 for six, bench 315 for six, deadlift 405 for 6, overhead press 200 for 4, full bent row 200 for six, and dips bw+100 for eight, you might consider a cut. Otherwise; there is work to be done.


6 ft 1 pics are attached

bench 245
deadlift 375
squat 325


205 other was 165


First off: You are not 20% bodyfat.

Secondly, keep doing what you're doing. If this isn't a troll job then you've put on a lot of weight in short time and still look good. You could definitely put on a lot more size with your frame. Good job so far but at 6'1" you're gonna need to weigh quite a bit more than you do in order to look filled out. (assuming that's your goal)


What the hell are you talking about? Please stop going out advice


I'm 23 and have been super strict to keeping to my diet and sleep schedual. Only gone out drinking prolly 4 times in 5 months...kinda no life but once i reach my goal there will be plenty of time for that. Looking to be a ripped 210, what do i need to bulk to?. Been following a workout from flex that said 25 pounds by jan 1st(it was a november issue). 10 week plan that switchs every 2 weeks(almost done my second go at it). Goes from 20 reps,10,8,6,4 and the higher end is super sets,drop sets,forced reps. Pretty intense workout but it seems to do the trick.


Well what you're doing is obviously working for you.

As far as wanting to he a ripped 210, well that's not a simple question. From the look of your pictue you're still not carrying much BF. I think you'll be surprised and what a ripped 210 looks like on your frame. With a shirt on you probably wouldn't look like you lifted, to be honest. I remember when I first started working out and I weighed 158lbs I just wanted to hit 170. I thought I'd look so bad ass at 170 (LOL!) then once I hit that, 170 became 180, then 190, the the magic 200... Now I'm at 215ish and still don't look the way I thought I would at this weight.

A lot of this is a look thing and not nessecarilly a scale thing. Make sure the scale keeps going up but if I was you I'd be aiming for a 'look' more than a scale weight. I'm assuming you're goals are looks based?

I say keep bulking and keep progressing cause you're doing a great job so far OP


thanks gregron. I get what you mean i thought 200 would be it but i look in the mirror and still want to get bigger. Totally is more of a look then a scale thing, be interesting to see what weight the desired look takes me to.


Pictures show the guy HAS gone from 165 to 205 with no increase in bodyfat, I don't see what's so confusing about my comment. If he was 20% bodyfat like he said, then obviously we would be looking at entirely different pictures.

Keep on eating to gain, and start training everything directly. Doing nothing but squats, deads and overhead presses will leave you playing catch up further down the road, when you discover you have lagging biceps, calves, rear delts etc...


And fuck the supersets, drop sets and forced reps. As a super skinny 6 foot 1 guy you would grow to 205 riding a bike and doing light gardening, that doesn't mean it's the way to go. Pick 2-3 movements per muscle group, train in a moderate rep range, and use a basic bodybuilding split covering all muscle groups. Eat to grow, and report back in 2 years.


yeah i hear ya. Its kind of a never ending process to be honest. Theres always something to work on or an area to bring up. Thats whats so fun about it... you never really cap out and get bored.


lol like other have said, there is no way in hell you are 20% bf. You should keep gaining weight and getting stronger.


This is impressive progress. Way to go, OP. You should say some more about diet/training.


Great Job so far, keep on putting on Mass. No need to cut