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I’ve been puttin on decent LBM and decent fat that naturally accompanies this wiht the help of Mag 10. Now I want the LBM to show. To make a long boring post short, how can I get ripped with minimal LBM loss?

P.S. Lately, T-mag's been a great source of inspiration. I'm sick and tired of putting on my beergoggles and swimming in the dark, murky waters. I've put them away and started looking for a new physique along with prettier, cleaner waters if you know what I mean. More power to the T-men & T-vixens!

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I have been using the T-Dawg diet combined with a 5X5 PL program. The results are fantastic. I have lost very weight as far as the scale is concerned but I have peeled off inches from my waste because of a mass phase. All info can be found on this site. I would highly recommend investigating this combo!

Well, your question really requires a time component. There are some great long term strategies involving exercise and carbohydrate/calorie cycling that will take longer, but will leave you with almost no loss of LBM. But there are also many programs here that are designed to shred fat quickly, but you may lose a few lbs of LBM.

Provide some more details and I can point you in the right direction.