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Ripped To The Bone

Hey everyone,
I’m going to be trying an interpretation of CT’s Ripped to the Bone program. Let me know what you think

Day 1
Neutral Grip Chins 4x4-8
Push Press 4x4-8
Machine Rows 3x4-8
B.B. Bench Press 3x4-8

Day 3
Deadlift 4x4-8
Squats 4x4-8
Seated Calf Raise 3x9
Abs (some exercise) 3x8-10

Day 5
D.B Incline Bench x4
Bent Over Rows x4
Parallel Bar Dips x3
Chinups x3

On off days I will be doing uphill walking for 45 minutes and after the 7 day split, I will repeat. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks

I am using a simliar approach right now. Week 1 I do reps betwwen 4-6, week 2 reps between 10-12.

Day 1: Vertical Push/Pull and triceps
Day 3: Quads, Hams
Day 5: Horizontal push/pull and biceps

cardio on 2,4,6 usually jumping rope. My only thoughts are that you seems to be hitting some of the same planes on your program in Day 1 and Day 5, and you have no direct Hamstring work. so, on day 3 I would rotate squats 1 week, deadlifts the next week and for the other exercise add either stiff legged deadlifts, good mornings, or GHR.

As far as Day 1 and 5, I would go with the vertical/horizontal method. So,example would be
Day 1:
Upright Rows
Standing Military
Chins Dips

Day 3
Bench Press
BB Bent Over Row, Over Grip
Inlcine Press
BB Bent Over Row, Under Grip

Just as examples. I have found since I have broken up my vertical/horizontal movements my body is free of a lot of aches and pains that came from to many horizontal pressing movements.

Overall, great start. Remember to keep a food journal. Very important for me at least in loosing BF. Good luck!

Hey, thanks for the suggestions man. I really appreciate it.