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Ripped to shreds!

I’m 5,10,90 kgs,20& bodyfat.Want to drop some of that.

Using Berardi’s Massive Eating calculator I founf out I need 3360 kcal a day to keep my current weight.Going with the macronutrient proifile he suggests,that comes down to 243 g of protein,395 g of carbs,and 89 g of fat.Here he reccomends a higher carb intake than normal due to increased energy systems work.

I’ll be doing Staley’s EDT for Fat Loss program,I’m two weeks out and love it.

My question is,spacing the food out over the course of the day it’ a whole lotta food!

Say I eat five meals.3 p+c,2 p+f.

That’s 130 g of carbs in the p+c meals and 50 g of protein!

Seems a bit much to me for fat loss.Then again,I may have been severely underfeeding for the past year or so.

Any advice appreciated!

For fat loss you will need to eat 500 less then the 3350 to lose about a pound a week. So to keep the same macros you will need about 207g protein, 336g carbs, and 76g fat.

The cardio I’ll be doing isn’t in the equation. We’re talking at least 500 kcal a day so that evens out.