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Ripped Rugged Dense w/ T-Dawg

hey everybody,

Ive been using Ripped Rugged and Dense 1.0 with the t-dawg diet for the last two weeks and the results have been awesome, 4 pounds lost so far, and they all look to be from fat, and im seeing some what looks like to be if not muscle gains, then atleast greater density in my chest, arms and shoulders,

i was just wondering if any of you guys paired these two together, and what kinds of results you were seeing after say, 8 weeks, thats how long i plan on rolling with it,

But i may have to end before that, i just wanted to lean up to where i was around 9% so i could start some OVT with Thibs Carb Cycling Codex, thanks for any info on how your own training went.

Are you doing RRD2, and if you are, are you doing the 4 day split Joel recommends ?


no, im actually doing the first version, i like the volume of it more, i guess i just dont have mind to muscle connection yet to feel like ive got the job done in the gym after only 10 sets.

what was your diet like before you started t-dawg?also whats your weight and bf%?

It was ok, but nothing great, my protein was at an ok level, but i wasnt eating enough veggies, and my carbs we being eaten too late in the day, I also was eating instant oatmeal, dumbest thing ever, too bad i didnt know that earlier. I’m down 4 pounds,181, from 185, at a height of 5’10 or so.

and as far as bodyfat % goes, right now i cant say for sure, but my abs are definity clearer now, with some improved vascularity, so i’d say im somewhere around 11 or 12 percent.