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Ripped Off on Craigslist


I got ripped off (fake concert ticket) from a guy on craigslist. Although it is partly my fault for not telling the difference between a a real and fake one, I was wondering if there was anything I could do to fuck with this guy or do anything so as to prevent him from doing anymore of this. I have his phone number and I doubt posting a Warning ad on craigslist will do anything.


I'm sure you could go on a bunch of sales websites and enter the phone number along with some other fake info. He would probably receive a ton of marketing calls.


The local police may investigate. Tickets are tricky. A buddy of minegot scammed for rent. It's a ruff economy people are on the prowl with this kind of shit. Be careful, deal locally, pay this guy a visit at his house,if you have his number I'm sure you can get his address off of that.


Call the police and give them the phone number


End his life.

Yours is the hand of vengeance. Yours is the hand of righteousness. End his life and earn your true place over him.

Go forth and do what you must.


slit his fucking throat


yeah fuck him!


post an ad offering bj's under m4m with his phone number.


Never thought it was possible to get Ripped off Craigslist, thats a new one.


Stick it in his pooper. That or call the cops with his phone number. It's your call.


Do whatever you can within the law and with law enforcement. If not, consider it a lesson learned and move on. Unless you lost love, life or limb, revenge is usually a waste of time.

The amount of thought, effort and time people put into vengence these days is ridiculous.
Count blessings instead of how many times you've been blighted.


Mods, please delete this sensible post. There is no place for reason on the internet!!!






Normally I would completely agree. But in this case it really doesn't take any effort to post his phone number on craigslist in 5 different cities offering blowies to anyone who's interested.


That seems to be your method of choice for most altercations doesn't it? :wink:


thats on you for being stupid


No shit, I mentioned that initially, thanks for the advice though.


How about waiting until he posts tickets for something else. Setup a sting operation with your local pd and bust his ass. Then laugh in his face as he gets taken away.....Nothing would be sweeter! Explain to a cop how he fucked with you and maybe he'll let you tazer the motherfucker.


eat his asshole!