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Ripped Jeans WTF


Almost every pair of jeans I own has a rip by my crotch on the inside of the left leg. I think it may be due to having a big butt and legs. Does anyone else experience this?


Nope, you're the only one.



You're right. I discovered my razor sharp wang hangs to the left and cuts right through my jeans.


What brand jeans?


Joe Jeans


Your poor girlfriend.


I only wear leather pants


Usually when I flex my legs, the jeans just explode off at very high rates of speed. I've killed a few people that way.

Walking is incredibly difficult.


Your balls must hate you...


theyre cool, my pants arent skin tight

theyre pretty baggy, you know how Goths roll


Wow! I thought spontaneous pants-combustion was just a myth.

You should be on an episode of Fringe.


Try those chuck norris action jeans...

any other jeans rip as soon as they see chuck...


Do you use that as a pickup line with the ladies?


Same, This is going to be common in anyone who wears remotely tight jeans.


Why the fuck would any man wear tight jeans? I personally like my balls. We've grown close over the years and seeing them go would cause me several hours of depressed munching on soy protein products.


I was at the mall with friends today and while I was in the bathroom.. I saw a 16 year old (guess) kid cutting a brand new (tags on it) pair of pants at the knees with a pair of scissors.. its an emo thing.


Find out what jeans Bruce Banner (or David Banner if you prefer the TV show) wore.

Guaranteed not to tear, except strangely at the calves, despite relatively little calf development.


To the OP: I feel you man..I've lost about 5-6 jeans that way. I have a really big butt and the anterior pelvic tilt doesn't help me a bit, coupled with the fact that I sweat like a pig downstairs.

I don't even buy tight jeans, but these last couple of months have been treating me good. I've gone from about 210 to 250 at 6.3 =)


Pants are easy...buy a bigger waist and wear a belt. It's boxers that are the problem.


Yo Bruce Banner,

What's it like to change into the Hulk?

Buy new jeans.