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Ripped in 8 Weeks



In Iron Dog #209,
The Ripped in 8 weeks program,
Coach Alessi says:

Week 1 and 2:

AM: Meltdown Training I, alternate Day 1 and 2 three times per week (6 sessions)

PM: Meltdown Training I, lactic-acid interval training or sparring (6 sessions)

Does he mean Traditional-DAY-1 in the AM and Traditional-DAY-2 in the PM + Lactic acid training?

Or does he mean Day 1 in the am and just lactic acid training in the pm?

Thanks for your help.




Come on help me out.

All I need to know is whether I should do meltdown I in the am and the pm or just lactic acid training in the pm.



I thought it looked pretty clear: weight training in the AM and interval work in the PM.