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I’ve seen pics of guys who’s gluts are really defined and ripped. Is there a specific exercise I can do to help out with this? Or is it simply some guys have bubble butts, some have no butt and others have ripped gluts?

what the fuck is a glut?

Goldberg, that’s a glucose receptor. You know, GLUT1, GLUT4, etc.

Try stiff-shincter ankle grabs fratboy. LMAO!

Why do you want ripped glutes? What is a bubble butt? Ripped glutes require an extremely low bodyfat level. Something that can’t be maintained; you would have to get extremely lean to see striations in the glutes.

The glut is found in the posterior chain between the hambone and the spinal erections.

quite obviously the man is referring to GLUTES!!! fratmuscle, id love to know myself. My body has a habit of packing plenty of fat there.


I think it’s part of a troll.

a muscle on a frat boy apparently

You know, it’s funny when someone mispells an easy word in the subject, and sorta sad when they misspell the same easy word a couple more times in the content.

I have a much more important question though, and that is :

Why the hell would you want your glutes to look ripped? Who the hell is gonna see them? Maybe maybe if you are a male stripper it might help, or a butt model. Can’t really think of many other places though, aside from things involving no females… (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

You have to look at the basics first.

Just how many walnuts are you cracking between your cheeks per day? Probably not very many. If you run out of walnuts, you can also cut a lemon in half and squeeze it dry into a glass. Just make sure you point the lemon the right way.

And have you even tried riding mechanical bulls? Now, I know what you’re going to say…“Okay smart guy, there’s no mechanical bull within 50 miles of my frat.” Well, is there a grocery store? Just hop on one of the penny ponies (every grocery store has them) and squeeze your glutes (gluts) really hard for the 60 second duration of the ride.

You may, however, be tempted to keep pumping pennies in and riding that pony all day, but DO NOT DO THIS. Most strength coaches would advocate a higher frequency with less volume. So just ride it once, give it all you got, then come back tomorrow and do it again. And no, the penny space ship will not work. EMG studies show only a 17% glute (glut) activation when riding in a plastic space vessel.

Hope this helps.

FratMuscle = troll.

Check out his other posts.

Marc, can we expect an article on this topic soon?

If only someone had written a glute training article back in issue #240…I bet something like that would come in handy right now.

John, now that is a shameless plug for your ass article. You might even call it a butt plug.

And don’t be jealous of Marc’s new ideas. He’s on the forefront of glutology.


Fratmuscle? another WOW

ripped “glut’s”? holy shit


Butt plug. Oh, that’s rich.

This thread… amazing.

Butt plug… hahaaha holy shit that is hilarious.

Witty Quip of the Week -


Dude, that is rock solid!

Props to Jared…