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ripped glutes

I am a t-vixen. I work hard in the gym but I can’t seem to get past a plateau on the glutes. I do deads’, squats, lunges, and whatever else I can find. You guys are the bomb so I KNOW somebody will have suggestions.

Personally, I think ripped glutes on either a male or female is funny looking. But that’s my opinion.

Uh, is this for competitive bodybuilding purposes? Or something you want to acheive for the general hell of it? I believe ripped glutes, especially on a woman, is acheived via very low bodyfat levels and in most cases, anabolics. If your genetics also lean you towards a low BF% in the glute/hips/thigh area - that would be helpful, too.

What's your current BF%? What is your diet like? What's the rest of your routine like? How long have you been training?

Please post photos of your glutes on the T-mag Photo Gallery so we can truly judge your condition. (Hee hee hee.)

The answer is not exercises though, but very low bodyfat-- very tough for a female to naturally get shredded glutes. Still, let’s see the butt pics!

What TEK said. How can we render an objective scientific opinion without first viewing the bodypart in question?

Lucky, what you are talking about is high tension in the glute muscles. To do this you do not need alot of resistance. Basically, it means tensing the muscle to a high degree. I dont mean just going through the motion (lifting it up and down), but actually focusing on tensing it directly. Keep your whol body tight when doing squats, deads, or lunges. You will feel them tighten. Also if you want them ripped, you will need very low levels of bodyfat.