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Ripped Fuel

Is the supplement Ripped Fuel a safe and/or effective drug to use? I am 15. 6’ tall and weight 192, i am not very built and this supplement sounds like it can help me, Can it???

15.6 feet huh? And only 192? You sound pretty damn skinny to me(and really freaking tall). I’m assuming your 5’6" 192lb and not very lean so yeah a thermogenic would be good to help you lose some bodyfat and train a little harder but Ripped Fuel is really outdated crap. You sound really uneducated about supps. (no offense) and I be willing to bet about training and nutrition too. Read LOTS of previous issues and learn everything you can, then pick a good training program and diet to suit your goals, then finally think about adding some basics supps. Good luck.

Depends, you looking to cut up. If so then yeah it will help as long as you fix your diet and do some wieght lifting mixed with a little cardio too.

Ripped Fuel or any other fat burner won’t make you “built”. It may help you lose fat although Ripped Fuel is pretty weak and outdated compared to Biotest MD6 in that regard. You sound like you’d rather be adding muscle and Ripped Fuel will not do that. Your post is unclear.

I think you should learn how to read before you rip some poor 15 year old apart for trying
to better himeself. He said he was 15 years old,6’ and 192 pounds.

Nothing is going to help you if you don’t know how to eat and train. Most 15 year olds don’t. Start by reading the “Foods that make you look good nekid” article at T-mag. Then adopt one of the weight training programs there. Oh, and ripped fuel sucks. You don’t need supplements right now anyway except for maybe an MRP or protein powder to help with your diet.

15 is too young for thermogenics. I’m willing to bet that your diet is typical of most 15-year olds, and that is why you’re carrying more fat than you like.

I agree with paul and eric on this one @ the age of 15 you should not be consuming any sumpplements except for a MPR or extra protien your body is still growing it needs natrual foods… just eat 5-6 meals a day and train hard don’t worry about supplements until you stop growing naturally.