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Hello T-Nation!

I'm going to cut the bullshit, and jump straight into my log.

I'm currently I'm currently embarking on another chapter of my journey for abs, while getting stronger, more muscular, and just overall being damn sexy.

4 week bodyfat loss cycle.
Starting date Jan 30, 2009
Ending date February 28, 2009

Age: 26
Weight 196lbs
Estimated b/f: 9.5%

Goal: lose 4lbs of bodyfat, while experiencing no muscle loss, and possible muscle gain.

Daily caloric requirement (maintenance) 3,500
Caloric intake during the cycle (15% deficit) 3,000

Meal frequency 5-6 meals a day.
No cheat days, 4 planned cheat meals per week.
Dietary goal: 90% compliance.

90% of calories will come from a combination of these foods:
proteins-chicken breast, low fat cottage cheese, eggs, beef stew, eggs, tuna, milk, Greek Yogurt.
carbs+fats: brown rice, bananas, walnuts, broccoli, brown rice mixes, avocado, olive oil, baby carrots, beets, potatoes.

Workout schedule: 20 workouts total, 5 workouts per week. Taking 3 floating days off to be taken as needed to avoid burnout and over-training.

7 Day cycle:
Day 1. Legs- Squats , Sitting calf raises , standing calf raises
Day 2. Shoulders-Standing Military press, face pulls/inverted rows, shrugs, core (Optional HIIT cardio 25 min)
Day 3. Steady state cardio 45-60min.
Day 4. Chest/Back-Incline DB bench press, pullups(weighted), rack pulls
Day 5. Arms-Chinups(weighted)+Overhead triceps extensions, forearms. 25 min HIIT cardio.
Day 6. Off
Day 7. Off

I have been neglecting my traps, so I'm bringing this up. I'm also introducing rack pulls into my workout routine. I finally got the handle on doing heavy below-parallel barbell squats and my legs are responding like crazy. I'm very excited.


Just as an FYI,

I started getting serious about working out about a year ago. This is what I looked like back then. Since then I got the handle of working out hard, eating clean, and being damn consistent. Feel good!


I reworked my training split. My body has been responding like crazy so far.

Monday; Legs+Core
Barbell Squats
Seated Calf Raises
Standing Calf Raises

Hanging Leg Raises
Cable punches
Cable wood choppers

Wednesday; Chest+Back
Incline dumbbell bench press
Rack pulls/partial deadlifts

Friday; Shoulders+Arms
Barbell standing military press
Weighted chinups
Cable face pulls

Cardio 2x a week if I'm not feeling overtrained.


I haven’t updated this thing in a while. I’m following the guidelines laid out by CT in his article Physique Transformations Refined. The shit is working. I’m going to post progress pictures on April 10th.

Here’s a picture of my new addition to the torture arsenal; a lovely 25lbs vest. It makes me look like a suicide bomber.


Been dropping bodyfat like crazy. Working out sometimes twice a day.

Current routine:

Heavy bag HIIT 30 minutes…3 minutes on-1 minute rest.

Fasted steady state cardio in the morning-stationary bike-45 minutes

Steady state cardio in the evening-stationary bike-45 minutes

Chest-Incline DB press 4x6
Back-Pullups 4x10

Legs (morning):
Barbell Squats-4x8 (focus on maintaining the perfect form)
Seated calf raises 4x15
Standing calf raises 4x15

Cardio (evening)Steady state cardio-stationary bike-45 minutes

Standing barbell military press 4x6
Smith machine shrugs 4x10
Heavy face pulls 4x10

Chinups 4x10

Saturday (optional):
-Bodyweight/medicine ball conditioning workout-outdoor

Sunday (optional):
4 mile run on the beach (unpacked sand)

Current weight 195 lbs.
Estimated muscle loss: 0 lbs!!!